How about a "Forum Jump" doo-dad at the Top of the Page too???

O.K. so scroll down to the bottom of a Forum page or an individual Thread and we have the groovy little “Forum Jump” doo-dad which I am quite fond of and use frequently.

What I would love even more would be if we had one of these at the top of the page as well as at the bottom. This way if I am at the top of a page and want to check out another Forum I don’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to do so.

The current system isn’t really all that inconvenient. I can survive under the status quo. But still, it would be lovely!

Anyone agree?

Would this be a difficult thing to accomplish???

I disagree. But I’ll admit, it’s for petty and selfish reasons.

  1. I usually work my way down the forum before I need to jump to another.
  2. I don’t want it to take up more real estate at the top of the screen.

As it is, there are so many stickies in ATMB that I have to scroll just to get to the first new thread (told you it was petty). Honestly, I like to have the first thread on screen immediately when I go into a forum. It annoys me about ATMB that I have to scroll just to get to the first thread (petty, petty, petty).

With my settings, GQ and the Pit barely have two new threads showing. (In an ironic twist of fate, I scrolled to the bottom of each forum to jump to the next forum just to confirm this :smack: )

I see that there is a little extra space below the tool bar in each forum, but I think adding the Forum Jump drop-down there would still push the thread listings farther down the screen.

But I won’t cry if such a change is made. In fact, I will even endeavor to persevere.

The forum doo-dad jump at the top of a page would be an easy hack. Remember, though, SDMB pages aren’t static; they’re generated on the fly. It might add additional queries to the vBulletin MySQL database every time a page is generated, something the SDMB administrators are trying to avoid.

AFAIK, and not speaking for the SDMB admins, they supposedly want to keep the installation of vBulletin as stock as possible. They’re VERY conservative about updates; the most recent vBulletin release is 3.0.3; the SDMB is at 3.0 RC 4.

When using MSIE, ctl-end scrolls to the bottom of the page. That seems easy enough for me. YMMV.

That’s strange, because just End alone does it for me.

It’s a nice idea, but as Elmwood mentioned, the CR staff do not like to hack the VBB code any more than is absolutely necessary. I don’t think that the forum-jump gimcrack requires any additional search – but it would be a rewrite of a section of code.

In passing, admins., is there any word on the next upgrade? I rather like being able to use Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, and Ctrl-U for coding effects, as later VBB 3.x releases permit, but which our version doesn’t permit. There are a few other useful add-ins that would be nice to have as well.

:eek: Wow! Pretty freakin’ easy. Thanks for the heads up! I guess I withdraw my request.

bienville learned a new ctl trick! bienville learned a new ctl trick! bienville learned a new ctl trick! bienville learned a new ctl trick! :smiley:

End also works with Mozilla Firefox.

I had no idea. bienville, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you in the celebration.

Agreed [with the op]

And I’d like to re-request that there be a forum jump in the new post screen, for when we decide we don’t want to make a post afterall and want to go back to a particular forum.

When I first suggested this TubaDiva’s response was positive.

Or was it Lynn Bodini? I often mix these two up.

But then I’m always doing that, usually with hollywood actors.

I didn’t know that! Thanks for the information. I must have picked up ctl-end from using Netscape 4.7, and I assumed all along IE worked the same.