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Could we get the forum jump box at the top of the page as well?

Often I’ll jump in to a thread and realize that it’s not what I think it is and want to skip off. Presently, I now have to scroll to the bottom of the page or click back on the browser to go somewhere else.

CTRL-END will zip you right to the bottom of the page.

You should try the Opera Browser - you can use the mouse to go back really easily. You can either:

  1. Hold right-click, move the mouse to the left a little, release right-click.
  2. Hold right-click, left-click, release right-click, release left-click.

Sounds weird but once you get used to 'em there’s no going back. :wink: I think Firefox does something similar.

Thanks for the replies but the fact that there are work arounds is not the point. I think it would be more convenient to have the jump box at both the top and bottom of the page.

Yes but that’s not going to happen, so we’re offering what we can. :wink: They don’t make changes to the templates too often.

Maybe this is one of the infrequent times that they will look upon this suggestion and realize that the members of such a distingiushed forum have long been denied the luxury of a jump box at the top of the page.

Or not.

If you want to jump to a new Forum, you are correct.

If you simply want to return to the Forum page of the thread in which you find yourself, you can click on the Forum name at the top. For example, at the top of this page is the string:
Straight Dope Message Board > About This Message Board

Clicking on About This Message Board takes you to the Forum header page for ATMB
while clicking on Straight Dope Message Board takes one to the SDMB home page.

And there is the issue. I would like to move from About this Message Board to Cafe Society without having to a) click back to the SDMB main page or b) having to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to use the forum jump box.

  • Greenback
    hoping against hope

How about including each forum in the quicklinks drop down. That would achieve the same effect.

Greenback - It’s been brought up before and not done before.
About the only way to add features like that is to ask the folks who make the board software:

The basic problem is that we get the system directly from vB. The Chicago READER doesn’t have the staff or resources to make changes (except those allowed within the system.) And, even if we did make some change, every time there was an upgrade to vB, we’d need to re-do everything we’d changed before. In short, the administrative aspects of even minor changes are more tangled than the READER is willing to take on.

In short, the problem is it’s not our software. However worthy suggestions for change, all we can do is pass them on to vB. It’s not that we don’t want to make improvements for y’all, it’s just that we can’t. And please, don’t tell us that it’s just changing one line of code or two lines of code. It’s also remembering to make that change every time there’s an upgrade. And it’s not just this one improvement; different people have suggested dozens of different improvements. This one is important to this person, that one to that person.

If there was enough clamor for change, I suppose, they could up the registration price by a factor of ten, and then hire someone to handle this kind of stuff. But then we wouldn’t have any subscribers, so there wouldn’t be any need for improvement. Kinda self-defeating.

No problem. Thanks for the explanation.