For serial thread-aborters like me, a forum jump on the new thread page would be nic

It still bugs me when I scroll down, having decided against the thread, only to find the forum jump isn’t there. So I have to scroll back up and click…(wait, I’m on the ‘new thread’ page right now… how convenient… so, what is it I click to get out?

Straight Dope Message Board > About This Message Board

Are you…(Oh, never mind, what’s the point?)

There is a forum jump at the bottom of the new posts page.

I’m not aware of a new threads page.

It’s the one you were on when you were composing that post, and the one I’m in right now (well actually I’m in ‘reply to thread’ but you get what I mean)

Your browser doesn’t have a back button?

Got it. I misunderstood you.

As an aside, a New Threads page (analogous to the New Posts page, but with newly started threads) would be peachy.

Of course you can find new Threads on the New Posts page, but that requires visual searching and I’m just lazy.

Are you referring to the moment when, after spending ten minutes on starting a new thread, you realize you are in the wrong forum? You can back out of that by highlighting (no, put down that marker) and copying your post. Then when you get to the right forum, paste it right in.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please disregarderate this post.

My take on the OP is that he starts to compose a new thread (or a reply to a thread) and then thinks better of it. At that point there is no link to get back to the main forum page.

My response above still stands. Use the back button.

I don’t want to get back the main forum page. I want to choose a different forum. Which can only be done directly by the forum jump dropdown. Hence this thread.

But on the other hand, you don’t have to “scroll” to the top of the page. Just click somewhere outside of the text entry window and press the “Home” key. That’ll take you right to the top of the page.

I’m guessing Lobsang’s either on very slow dial-up or, more likely, some sort of hand-held device. If that’s the case, then when he attempts to view a very long page, it’s possible that the top of the page displays before the bottom. If he reads the first few posts before the whole page has downloaded, and then decides he’d rather look at something else, he won’t have the forum jump at the bottom of the page. (Well, he will, but he’ll have to wait for it.) He could press the back button or use the link at the top, but what if he knows he’s read everything of interest in Great Debates, and now wants to peruse About This Message Board? Give that the already established excruciatingly slow speed of his connection, that could take some time, and the elevator could already have arrived at his floor before he has time to read anything.

In that instance a forum jump at the top of the page could be quite useful. Something of a niche need, I’ll grant you, but since I occasionally read threads on my Treo while the Metro’s traveling above ground, I sympathise.