How to navigate from the end of a long thread to a different forum?

At the bottom of a short thread, if I want to move to a different forum I scroll upwards to get to the chooser box at the top of the thread. But if it’s a long thread, scrolling takes a long time, mostly because I quickly run out of loaded thread and have to wait for more of the earlier thread to download – scrolling up quickly hits a snag, in other words.

What’s a better way than re-entering SDMB and maybe thus resetting all the session markers (I didn’t check that problem)?

Keep scrolling down past “suggested topics.”

When you say “chooser box”, do you mean the button with 3 lines on it ?
Mine stays at the top of the screen when i scroll. Maybe you need to
use a different theme …
Or wait for someone who knows …

And then scroll a little more to “Welcome” and just below that is “Forum Jump”!

At the top of your screen, click the title of the thread.

In this thread, you’ll see the SD logo, then “How to navigate…”, with About This Message Board below that. Click the “How to navigate…” and that’ll take you back to the top. You can also click the top date on the scrollbar to the right (“Sep 18” in this thread) if your device displays one.

If you don’t have a chooser box, click on the SD logo instead to take you to the main site menu.

Ah! Thank you for several ways to make this easy!