Forum preview images in Tapatalk

Is there anything that can be done about the forum preview images in Tapatalk? This is what I see when I open the app.

I’ll try to spoil it as I don’t believe that it would meet the 2 click rule.

Wow, that’s horrendous. I have nothing substantive to add unfortunately.

You misspelled “hilarious”.

We have no control over what Tapatalk does, so no. There’s nothing we can do about whatever preview images they choose to show.

Are those images that people in the forums have linked to or has Tapatalk decided to give us some random bizarre images all on its own?

They are from the fora added in a recent update and the site looks better in dark/nighttime mode.

I don’t know. I sent an email to and asked them if they could do anything about it.

Have you tried the forums to check if you can roll back your update?

On the Tapatalk main page, in the row of icons at the top click the one on the right that looks like the outline of a person. Scroll down on that page and click “Settings”. Under “Settings”, scroll down to “Topic and Thread” and uncheck “Show Photo Preview”.

Thank you! On mine it was labeled “Video and Image Preview” but it worked.

Much better.

Yeah, trying to find Settings in every new upgrade to Tapatalk is like trying to figure out where Microsoft put the Character Map in the current version of Windows. “It used to be here, where did they hide it now?”

Yet another reason I’m thankful for the new mobile skin for SDMB so I don’t have to use Tapatalk anymore.

Whoa! I didn’t know there was a mobile skin for the SD. Thanks again!

Adiós Tapatalk!

Glad I could help. Twice! :smiley: