Forum sorting

One thing I’d like is the ability to sort the forums (“categories”) on the main page into a more useful (to me, that is) order. The forums I read most frequently are TG, MPSIMS, and CS – all of which are down toward the bottom of the list. It would be nice not to have to scroll down to get to them.

I would also find that feature helpful, but until it is implemented by codinghorror or another developer, a workaround I use (on Google Chrome, dunno if it works for other browsers) is to create bookmarks for the forums I visit the most, and afterwards I can enter the first few letters of the forum in the search bar, and it should automatically bring up that forum as an option at the bottom of the suggested searches dropdown panel.

You can hide forums that you don’t often read. That may help.

Profile → Preferences → Notifications → Categories → add to Muted

Then you won’t see them on the main page, and posts from those forums won’t show up when you’re browsing. But you can still go there when you want to.

I’ve already muted the four least interesting forums, but still when I look at the main page I see SF, ATMB, QZ and GQ – if I want any of the others I have to scroll down or use the workaround given above.