Forum navigation links at bottom of the page?

Ok I’ll admit I’m lazy straight away. What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to have the links at the top of a page repeated at the bottom.

For an example of the links I’m on about it’s the ones that appear above the “User CP” tab. Right now it says “Straight Dope Message Board > Main > About This Message Board”

I was just wondering because, when I’ve submitted a post, I have to scrollup/page up to go back to the forum. I know I could use the back button on my mouse, but I don’t like clicking back through a posting screen. I could also open threads in separate windows but I’ve usually got Daz/Lux and a couple of other things open while I browse and I’m likely to close a wrong window.

So really could you help me ba a little lazier?

You mean like the forum jump drop-down menu?

You mean Control/Home isn’t short, fast or easy enough for you?

We use VBulletin. We use the standard VBulletin page layout. We prefer not to tinker with their settings too much, and are almost certainly not going to for something like page layout.

You do realise that means moving my whole hand :smiley:

:smack: thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to think how many years I’ve been surfing here and never noticed that. I’m, er, just gonna kinda slink off back under a rock now. By the way that’s not embarrassment, it’s my naturally ruddy complexion.