Forums or Sites that are bad for your Wallet!

I made the mistake recently of visiting a knife collector forum that I have not visited since the early 2000s. The reason I stopped going there in the first place was because it inspired “consumer lust” and was bad for my wallet. Well, sure enough, I am now the proud owner of two expensive knives that are awesome but that I don’t need in any way at all. I think I will put them on eBay and try to recoup some of my money.

Another forum that I try not to visit is a headphone enthusiast forum. In no time at all, spending $200+ on headphones and headphone amps will seem very reasonable and a good idea.

There is also a forum devoted to tongue drums and hang drums that have me considering buying a $400+ dollar instrument just because it sounds so beautiful.

I realize the problem is me. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has sites or forums that are dangerous to their wallets and what are they?

American Science & Surplus. Most of the items are good deals, if I actually NEEDED them. Usually, I don’t need them.


Model Horse Sales Pages. So many pretty plastic ponies…

Yeah - Amazon actually sent me a hand-written thank you card for my business. I spend way too much there…

steepandcheap.comkills me. I had to quit going, and had to tell my brother to not mention it to me.

What’s really killer about it is that they have a delayed shipping option, where it leaves your order open for 2 weeks, and in the interim you can add anything to the order for only $1 extra shipping.

So it’s really easy to justify adding a couple dollar gizmos here and there. Also became routing for my brother and I to notify each other if an order was open…and it never failed, we magically found something we needed.

Now, it’s really nice stuff most of the time, and if you’re outdoors-y I highly reccommend it. Just be careful! :smiley:

Damn you, I’d successfully avoided SAC for over a year!

Fatwallet. I peruse the Hot Deals section and buy random stuff on a whim. The last thing was Fart in a Bag. It was only $.97 with free shipping. How could I resist.

Yeah, well…um…let me know if you have an order open :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up buying a Russian sidecar rig! :eek:

Damn you! I knew I should have avoided opening this thread. After all, it is practically time to start my Christmas shopping… and I could just take a peek at their clearance section… and I do have a kid now, I could stock up on presents for him for the next decade or so…

QPB (Quality Paperback Book Club). I was a member about 20 years ago, but got tired of having to send in the cards each month. A few years ago, I discovered that you can refuse the automatic selections online, and rejoined - and every now and then I order a boxful of books (they have a lot of sales) for which I don’t have any remaining room in my bookcases.

Any forum related to my hobbies - especially photography, recumbent bicycles, and amateur astronomy. Barbershop singing is the only exception so far.

Those “deals” web sites (dealnews, slickdeals, etc) are also dangerous.

There’s a few forums I visit… that often give me free tickets to places where I will spend a lot. Think about it as a gambler being given a trip to vegas every month… it sure is a good deal, but you’ll end up spending more than you would staying home watching the TV.

Steam and Kickstarter are minefields for me.

Steam is particularly dangerous when they’re running one of their seasonal sales. I have at least a couple of years worth of game backlog from “Hey, that looks cool, and it’s cheap right now.” I ruled myself as strictly as I could in the last sale and managed to buy very little, half of which I’ve now played through.

I try not to actually browse Kickstarter, because I find myself wanting to back things almost at random. There’s a weird feeling of “I don’t actually want this particular thing for myself, but I want it to exist.” Sort of a creation-by-proxy impulse. I’ve mostly managed to resist it, contributing only small amount to a few projects that I will never personally have a use for, but I attribute that to limiting my exposure, not willpower.

So far, I’ve only bought things I actually have a use for. It’s a struggle every time I look at the site, though.

Micromark, as well as AS&S (heh) and Amazon. Despite their ugly website, I would like to own one of everything MicroMark offers. Oh, and the same goes for Dick Blick Art Supply.

Steam and GOG. “That game sure looks interesting…and it’s so cheap! And so’s that one! And that one…”

Very, very bad for your wallet:

Amazon, of course.

Lush. I could spend a thousand dollars on their shit. It’s a soap-maker’s dream–IF you’re rolling in the benjamins. So many colors! So many delicious limited-time fragrances! Soaps and candles and makeup, oh my! D: