Was it worth the money? (The SDMB that is)

There are many message boards on the internet covering any topic you like and I am sure there are other mb’s similar to this one. My question for each Charter Member do you feel like your getting your money’s worth?
and What made you decide to pay to use this message board in the first place when there are many free mb’s in cyberspace.
I actually paid 20 dollars because I don’t have a credit card and asked someone if he would sign me up with his credit card. After making sure I wasn’t signing up for a porn site he agreed but only if I paid him 20 dollars in cash.
For 20 dollars I gotta say overall it has been enjoyable. I think I wanted to pay because at the time this was one of the only message boards I was logging on to and I had gotten used to it. I used to post on one message board that all the people did was insult each other and atleast on the dope the insults were confined to the BBQ Pit. I’m actually glad I paid the 20 dollars maybe I will get other’s interested in the dope as time goes on.
Often when logging onto the internet this is the first and last website I check out. I usually read a few posts, try to find one or two threads to respond to, check any threads I started or have responded to previously and then I go out into the rest of cyberspace and before coming back to the real world I check the dope again.
I do not have as much time for the dope lately or the internet unless it’s research related but even now I feel like the 20 dollars spent on the dope was as good as anything else I could have got at the time. :slight_smile:



It was worth my $4.95, yes.


definitely, even for 20 bucks. This place has provided me hundreds of hours of entertainment and knowledge over the years.


There are none, that come close to this one in quality and activity. There are high quality ones out there but low on activity. There are high activity ones, but VERY low on quality (basically they are just a meaningless spam-fest)

The SDMB has activity (lots of posts per day/users online) and quality (jerkish behaviour, spam, etc is kept out by the excelent service and control of the mods and admins)

It cost me less then £3. I can’t even get a meal at McDonalds for that. So yeah, it’s definitely worth it.

My very long time friend (who has become invisble since he started Uni in America) paid for me. For me it was the bestest pressie ever. I had been addicted to SDMB for a long, long time. I got the Injun(:D) addicted and all was happy in the world. Maleinblack Callum wants to know you if have kitty love in your heart :D.

$4.95? definitely worth it. I’d be willing to pay $20, even.

**Berkut **paid for my membership since I didn’t have a credit card at the time and it was definitely worth his $4.95.

I’d’ve paid happily anyway. If nothing else, the CD I am listening to right now that I got from a Doper pays back next year’s price, which I’ll pay myself. Then, of course, there’s the hundreds of hours of entertainment, the friends I’ve made, and my current job, which’re all worth much, much more than $4.95, $14.95, or $20.

It was worth every penny I paid.

Yes, I’ve learnt’ed so much here!

How many pennies was that? :wink:

Cheaper than crack. :smiley:

On a cost-benefit analysis of my time here…I’d say I pay a minute fraction of a penny per hour on the Dope. Well worth the cost.

Yup, definitely worth it. And I’ll be signing on for another year when my first one is up. I need this place!

Yeah it is worth the $15. I had a bit of a whinge earlier in ATMB that I will still be paying double what most of the members are paying even in 10 years time because I did not join a month earlier. You will as well :frowning: . Oh well, it is still good value, till I find somewhere better. :eek:

Definitely worth it. Even though a nice benefactor paid for mine. We have seemed to slow down a bit lately. Hopefully it is just the time of year or something.

I could have donated my money to help feed the children, but I decided without hesitation to * Keep Me Off The Streets through SDMB Addiction. *

Best mula I’ve spent! Except for the Ronco Pocket Fisherman I bought once. Now, that’s good fun!
Naturally, the downside to all of this is that all you dopers are innundated with my daily, nay…minutely brainfarts.

Sucks to be you.


I’m sure that each and every person here will agree that it was worth the price.After all, the folks who didn’t think so aren’t here any more.

So let’s all say “hoo-ray for us” .

And here’s a related question: has the quality of the board improved/declined/not changed since it stopped being free?
When the fee was announced, a lot of people said it would scare off most of the casual readers, and leave us with a smaller, less diverse membership.Many feared that GQ would deterioriate.They said that when you need,say, an answer from somebody who both knows statistics and speaks chinese, he wont be available.

But I havent noticed any problems. And for the price of a burger and fries, I get some fast food for my brain. Well worth the cash.

Without a doubt, it was worth $5 and I think it’d be worth $15 or $20, whatever they charge when my renewal time comes up. At a bare minimum, it lets me spend all my time on the soapbox, so I don’t just explode when I see something in the news that pisses me off. (And vents all of that towards the internet instead of my going on constant tirades to people in “real life.”)

But more than that it’s the only board I’ve found with people who are talking about the kind of stuff I’m interested in (particularly in Cafe Society) and who are intelligent, literate (not much of the OMG u r so lame!), and clever. And 9 times out of 10, you can be assured that people are going to “get” what you’re saying without the use of smileys or “just kidding” and such.

At least, I hope.

It is worth it to me. It’s pretty much the only site on the web I go to at all.