Forza Horizon 3 in four weeks!

Set in Australia with a map reportedly twice the size of Horizon 2. Yes, there will be Holdens and Australian Falcons at launch.

I already have the Ultimate Edition pre-ordered. Are you playing on PC or console?

Missed the window for UE orders. :frowning:

Got a console for Christmas a while back so I’ll be using that.

You can still get the Ultimate Edition, you just can’t get the physical copy at launch. If you don’t mind the digital it’s just a code, so those are available.

I’m looking forward to it, of course. Forza is why I have an XBox.

The in game footage is amazing

Likewise. Someone gave me Forza 5 the same Christmas. 6 is still sitting on the shelf.

I see what Turn 10 has done with the Forza series and I really really wish that Polyphony Digital would pull the stick out of their arse and actually innovate again. The AI is still crap almost unchanged from the PS2 days and the career mode (which is what I like to play) is getting less and less attention in favour of online racing.

Sony 100 percent owns Polyphony Digital so I’m not sure why they don’t step in and demand that Kazunori Yamauchi stop being so anally retentive and actually release something. Three Years after the PS4 release and still not even a Prologue of one of Sony’s biggest exclusive system selling games.

The point of all this being that I strongly tempted to get this on Windows since I have a fast enough machine but don’t want to buy an Xbox One for one exclusive game. Seems you can use a PS4 controller on Windows and there’s even drivers that make it pretend to be an XBox 360 controller so that will be somewhat ironic but it will work.

I’m actually pretty interested in this. I’ve been playing The Crew a lot lately, which to me is inexplicably badly reviewed - the world is amazing and it’s a lot of fun. I like open world driving games way more than track simulators.

What’s the gameplay in Forza Horizons fundamentally like? Do you go around the world map completing various sorts of races and challenges? Is there a persistent online world where you’ll see other people as you drive around? What sort of stuff can you do?

It looks like it’s going to be Windows 10 only on the Microsoft store, which is problematic for all sorts of reasons - the main which is that I’m refusing to use Windows 10 as my main OS. I may end up having to run Windows 10 on an isolated hard drive that I only use for 10 and the games I need to run on it, and just boot into that OS as needed. Which is clunky. Also exclusivity on the MS store means no downward price pressure like it would be on the open market on PC - so you’re probably going to have to pay full price for it. I wish they’d just release the game openly on PC - they’d get a ton of sales - but I get that they’re using these former platform exclusives to push their windows services. Blah.

these games are nice but I want a new burnout… but more the bo4 se they had for the 360 and not the need for speed audition that paradise was …


Sort of. Normally you see other people’s ghosts as you drive around but there is an option to participate in live multiplayer.

Explore the map looking for special boards to smash (Horzion 2 has XP and fast travel discount boards) and simply mess around. If the game thinks you’ve performed an awesome stunt, it’ll automatically capture that and upload it … somewhere.

Just to be clear: Horizon’s ghost players aren’t like other games’ ghost players. Sure, they are representations of any given player’s driving skill but attempting to drive through them is not a good idea.

They’ve got the 1977 Torana! Growing up in Wollongong I used to see quite a lot of those around even into the 90s.