Fossil - Fuck You Very Much!

A little backstory:

Last Christmas, I received a pocket watch from my parents. I am partial to pocket watches because I don’t like things strapped on to my wrists. It was a beautiful silver-faced “skeleton”-type (visible innards) pocket watch from Fossil. I carried it for a few months, treating it well (I thought) until one day, I looked at it and the second hand had popped off. That’s all; no chipped crystal, hour and minute hands still worked, but the second hand was floating around the face of the watch.

Fossil says their watches have 11-year warranties, so I thought I was covered. I packed my watch securely in bubble wrap and sent it on its way to Texas to be repaired.

That was a month ago. Today I received my watch back. I anxiously tore the envelope open, ready to put back into service the pocket watch I liked so much. But, to my surprise and disgust:

  1. The case, around where the opening was to pry the back off, was scraped and mangled.

  2. Upon opening the watch up (see 5 below), the watch’s battery had been removed, and had not been replaced.

  3. The turnscrew used to set the time no longer moved the hands when twisted, as though it had been disconnected.

  4. The face, which had been oriented so that the above turnscrew was at 12 O’Clock, was now uspide down. This caused parts of the watch (such as the white plastic battery casing) to become visible from the front of the watch, reducing its aesthetic appeal somewhat.

  5. The back had not been replaced correctly, and was left pressed on crookedly. Thus, I was able to open the watch with by bare hands, where otherwise it would have taken some tools.

Needless to say, I am royally pissed off. Fossil completely fucked up my watch. They included with the package a note saying that due to the unavailability of parts (the watch is only a year old, assholes!) they were unable to repair my watch. Also, they said that due to this, they were sending me my watch “as is”. WHAT? I sent you a working, slightly damaged timepiece, and you send me back an utterly ruined piece of non-functioning scrap metal?

Now, I can accept that pocket watches are not Fossil’s bread and butter, and that parts for these models might not be available, where parts for their wrist-worn counterparts might be. But dammit, you manufacture the fucking watches; you can’t open one up without mangling the fucking thing?? And you can’t refer to some documentation as to how to put it back together so it resembles the watch I sent to you? Including the battery, which I paid for, remember?

To make up for it, they’ve said I can pick any watch I want from their website or one of their stores, as long as it costs between $65-$75. Uh, I checked out the website, fucksticks. And since you’ve chosen to widely ignore those of us who prefer pocket watches, I can’t choose the one I want! The watch you broke was worth $95 when it was new. It stands to reason that its equal would still cost that much. So I have to choose a cheaper one. And there are only 7 to choose from! Great selection.

Rest assured, Fossil, that you will be hearing from me, and that I will get what I want. Also, don’t count on any business from any of my friends or family.

Fucking hell! I just want to punch something. That means I should probably step away from my laptop. I’ll have to find a jeweler that might be able to fix my watch.

Don’t buy Fossil.

For 5 years or so I had a simple 50 buck Timex of the Eddie-Bauer promotional sort-- leather band that I relaced once, etc. I lost this one day as the second band broke, having seen a lot of salt water.
So, thinking that I should grow up, I go and buy a new 50 buck “nice” looking metal-colored woman’s watch that I can wear to job interviews without looking like Lady Greystoke. So I get a nice looking Fossil watch-- it’s really cool looking-- the face is sort of that iridescent yellow-blue shimmery stuff, and the band is nice titanium colored. I’m happy, and actually really excited about this cool looking watch (yes, I need a hobby or something).
Immediately, the the cool iridescent coating on the face (a coating which I discover is on the outside of the glass) scratches. . . and scratches more. Within a week there is so much, um, character on the face that I have to sit and rub/scratch at it gently until I have removed all the coating, so that it is consistently one color again (i.e. clear glass). Now after half a year the titanium-colored metal finish on the rest of the watch has also worn down exposing a coppery core that stains my wrist green.
Well, what do I expect from a 50 buck watch? But I want my crappy Timex back.

The absolute best watch I have ever owned (and I currently have two of 'em) is the free watch that came with a subscription from Time magazine for a couple of years running. It’s the only watch I’ve owned which had a band that stood up to me, it’s the only watch back that has not caused my wrist to break out from allergic irritation, and it’s the only watch which had an illumination system that actually worked through the WORST of movies [sub]You know…movie started at 7:10 and by 7:40 you’re looking at your watch to see how much longer you have to put up with it[/sub].

And for those of you who are looking at me funny…look at my post title :stuck_out_tongue:

Nixon brand watches kick ass. I bought one and it broke so they sent me a brand new one with some stickers and a free Ween CD.

Oh yeah, if you do buy a Nixon Watch, do not buy the Rover. The band sucks.

Aquatech, alarm chronograph, $6.88 original price, slashed down to $5.28 at Walmart that fateful day, three years ago when I bought two of them.

When the one on my wrist finally quits keeping perfect time, I will be unable to bring out the other, though, because I gave it to a friend when his thirty-five buck name brand watch got mist demons in it, and quit working.

Watches are cheap. Really expensive watches are no better at the task of keeping time, and they all eventually screw up somehow, or get lost or stolen. Never pay more than ten bucks for a watch. When you see a good deal, buy two.


“Cabbage: A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man’s head.” ~ Ambrose Bierce ~

My Homer Simpson “Time for Beer” watch.

Sitting untouched in in its metal “Duff” can presentation case.
what? It is the best watch I ever owned!!
Scott, are you sure that they sent you the right watch back? Did you keep a copy of the serial number? if so, and it matches the one on the back of the mangled watch, Fossil can go lick the shitty end of an electrified shitty stick.

A good thread. I was looking at a ladies’ Fossil watch in Duty-free magazine a couple days ago. Now I’ll look further.

I hate to ask a real dumb question, but I own not one, but two Fossil watches (yes, got them on sale at various times), and the coating on the dial was simply a thin layer of some kind of protective plastic that you were supposed to take off when you got the watch (it was there to protect the watch dial during shipping/display).
While it was shimmery in its own way, I didn’t think it was meant for you to keep it on forever (it came off fairly easily).