Foster Dad John Kitten Cam

I was a bit surprised to find after some googling that it seems nobody directly posted about Foster Dad John’s livestream here! Foster Dad John runs a livestream of the kittens that he fosters. Usually a nearby shelter gets a pregnant stray and they send the mother cat over to him. The kittens and mother get a calm environment to grow up in until they can be separated, and we get a 24/7 livestream of what the kittens are up to (sleeping, mostly).

Anyway, it’s a cute stream to have in the background and you can watch the kittens grow up over time, too. You can get lost in this cuteness. Each litter has a theme and this one is “Ghostbusters” I just remembered to check in today after a hiatus from watching.

I’ve followed this website for some time. Janine had triplets, but Peter died when he was 4 days old. :frowning: He lived more in those 4 days than most cats do in 10 or 15 years; he was walking around the cage on all fours on the day he was born! John does think that was part of whatever was wrong with him that led to his death.