Marriage, and kittens. (No, not marrying kittens, or kittens marrying.)

So, I was going to start a thread on some kittens we happened to serve as foster parents (?) for, and the two we ended up adopting. Then I went and got engaged to my girlfriend (and best friend) who I’ve been dating for a while and living with for about the last year.

So first off, whee! I’m getting married! She’s a wonderful woman, smart, beautiful, witty, strong, and someone who complements me in a great many ways. I’m a lucky man. My folks also love her to pieces, and my mother was kind enough to offer her engagement ring, which I think is both a truly wonderful gesture on her part, and hopefully the start of a tradtion down the generations for the future Finn Family.

But there’s not much to say to that other than Mazel Tov, and how boring would that be for a thread? So, kittens.

This is the story of five kittens picked to live together in our house and find out what happens when they stop being polite and start… wait, wrong intro. Ahem.

This is the story of a litter of five playful kittens who were thrown out in a filthy garbage like so much trash. They made their way to the local SPCA, where my financee was working.

“I get to bottle-feed kittens at work!” she said.
“That’s wonderful sweetheart,” said I, “just don’t bring any of them home.”

“I got a job working at the SPCA and I’m taking care of kittens!” she told her family.
“That’s wonderful,” they said to her, “Just don’t bring any of them home.”

One day when I drove her to work, she invited me to come see the kittens. Kittens are cute, I agreed. Somehow during the half hour I spent playing with the kittens as the SPCA, the receptionist mentioned that they didn’t have enough room for all the cats, and needed a foster home for them. Like a giant lunkhead, I suggested that we could take them, for a short while at least. They were cute, after all. And very small. And as we all know, many times, small = cute. Did I mention that they were cute?

Well, later the next day we took home five cute little kittens and housed them in our computer room. They didn’t yet have names, but they had personality, and they were very playful.

In fact, I’d forgotten just how playful kittens can be. King of the Mountain was their favorite game. And, I was reminded as well, kittens come with their own toys built in. Never underestimate how much fun a kitten can have with another kitten’s tail. And, for that matter, never underestimate the unbearable cuteness of a kitty pile.

That chair was their favorite place to crash out after a long few minutes of unbound insanity. They really liked that chair. Really, really liked it.

And it was fun watching how the kittens got along. I’d never seen cats lick each other’s faces. Or, for that matter, spontaneously decide to start a bitin’. But the kittens never seemed to mind being gnawed on, and purred like happy kittens ought to. So we just laughed and smiled.

As our foster parentage wore on, we were made aware that we’d only have the kittens in our home for about a week and a half. And I, who had advised my fiancee not to bring any of them home, found myself unable to part with them. At first, I wanted to adopt all three males in the litter, as they were the sweetest and most playful. But after a week of cleaning a litterbox for five kittens, who’d come to us with some intestinal parasites from their time spent in the garbage, I let my fiancee serve as the voice of reason, and we decided on two of the boys who were some hep cats..

We sent the rest of the kittens on to their new temporary home at the North Shore Animal League, and adopted those two. Each of us got to name one kitten. My fiancee named hers checkerface, as his chin is half black, and half white. My kitten, of course, was named Spamzo. Because he looks like a Spamzo, of course.

Spamzo is, in my totally unbiased opinion, the cutest fluffball in the history of cuteness. He’s also tremendously sweet and friendly, and love to play and climb. In that picture, he’s climbing up the ~6’ feret cage because we put the girl ferret to bed for the night, and he wanted to say hi to her.

Later, he discovered the ferret hammock and ferret house which were inside the cage, and decided to bunk with the ferrets from time to time. Well, actually, he did this quite often. Tonka, a sleepy/lazy male ferret got along well with Spamzo, but I don’t think he could ever figure out what Spamzo was doing sleeping on top of his house. Spamzo’s climbing antics were definitely cute… but not quite so cute when he decided to roll around on the floor of the ferret cage. Especially the corners… anybody else who owns ferrets knows what that means. It took quite some time to shampoo him and get all the ferret poop off.

Which brings us to the end of the story. We have two new kittens living with us, and they are happy and healthy. They give our old male cat, Bonzai, a heck of a time; chasing him about and pouncing on him all day long. Spamzo’s going to be the alpha cat once he gets a bit bigger, but I’m sure he’ll be magnanimous in his reign, as he’s the sweetest thing this side of frosted sugar bombs. The kittens even get along well with the ferrets, playing chase all over the house. And I’ll be getting married, more likely than not in Austin next spring.

Adorable kittens and a wonderful woman… am I lucky or what?

Mazel Tov, and squee! Kittens!

Lots of kitten pictures! I had to wake my husband up so he could come see all those pictures. He’s a sucker for the cuties, too. Also, it might soften him up for just oooooone more kitten…

Checkerface looks just like my girl, Bastian (Most. Attractive. Picture. Ever.), back when she was still a wee cuddly kitten with all those extra fuzzy hairs sticking out. Now she’s a big fat dynamo! cat. Also, her checker is on the other side. Everyone gets a kick out of it though. It’s got pizzazz.

And Spamzo, what a cutie! So furry!

Okay. I need to take a break. Kitten pictures combined with happy engagement announcements turn me into a big puddle of twee.

Totally loved all the kitty pics. sigh Such warm, fuzzy happiness … :slight_smile:

Congrats, and thanks for such a well-told story. You’re a brave man to part with 3/5 of your fluffballs. I’m such a softy, if I ever allowed myself to foster kitties or puppies, my house would soon be overrun!

Much happiness to you, your future wife, and your personal zoo!

There’s no chance you live in Melbourne Australia? I adopted a kitten from a shelter about 3 weeks ago, who looks identical to one of the kittens here, and it would be amazing if it was the same litter… Chances are not, but my Milo is the spitting image of Spamzo, and thus I can agree that he really is the cutest cat in the world! Good luck to you and your fiance with your new kits! Apparently they’ll run out of energy in about 2 years!

Thank you very much, and I’ll join you in a ~squeeee!~. Spamzo is such a beautiful kitten, and he’s going to grow up to be a great cat.

Awww, don’t tell me that! We just went to the vet and Spamzo was already up from 2 lbs at his last weighing to 3 1/2, and that was in about two week’s time. I’m trying to maintain the fantasy that they’re never going to grow much bigger :wink:

Glad you liked! And if you think that’s warm fuzzy happiness, you should imagine those two kitties curling and snuggling with you when you go to bed.

Awww shucks ma’am, tweren’t nuthin (and thanks much for the kind words of congratulation!).

Oh, believe me I had to be talked out of it. Spamzo’s brother looked exactly like him, except for a smaller patch of grey on his back left leg. We actually couldn’t tell them apart without checking their back legs. He was a bit more wild than Spamzo, and probably would’ve been the alpha if he wasn’t sent off… but yeah, it was hard to let them go. The fact that I had to clean their litterbox every single day, when they were still kittens, helped my fiancee talk some sense into me. (And the fact that some unknown kitten or kittens decided to use the carpeted floor when the litterbox would get too full for their liking.)

Thank you very very much! When I finally get down to Austin and get myself some land, I plan on getting at least one puppy. And it still brings a smile to my face to think that she’s going to be my wife, and I’m going to be her husband.

Currently Ithaca New York.

Feels good to be so objectively right, don’t it? :wink:

Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I am looking forward to them calming down a bit, as Checkerface hasn’t yet learned that he can’t use his claws to climb people. I’ve got a scratch, from my elbow to my shoulder, that’s still healing from where he ran over me as I lay in bed. (To be fair, Spamzo was chasing him.)

Gray cats are my absolute favorites! So cute! I wish I could have taken the other three off your hands, but alas, not a possibility right now. Have fun with your two, though.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and also to your future Mrs. Isn’t it wonderful when you find the right one!

Now you know why I have 8 cats! 4 of my 8 were kittens that I bottle-raised and just couldn’t let go of once they were old enough to be adopted. I bottle-raised many, many more than 4, but sometimes they just sink those teeny tiny claws into your heart and won’t let go.

And then there’s Bill the Cat, who was so ugly as a kitten we kept him because Mr. SCL said he would never be adopted.

Some day someone will explain how to post pictures and I will start an entire thread showing pics of the SCLZoo and the cat suite. I promise. If anyone wants to give me pointers, my e-mail is in my profile. :slight_smile:

Congratulations and felicitations! I am truly amazed that you could manage to let the other three go.

Helpful hint: By the time they’re grown you’re going to need two, maybe three litterboxes. I’ve got seven boxes for my eight kitties, cleaned daily.

Congratulations on everything. The Kitties are cute of course, my daughter and I enjoyed seeing the pictures. It is great that Spamzo is already getting along with your ferret.
Mazel Tov on the upcoming Marriage. ;j

Jim {Hey I finally had an appropriate time to use the happy Jewish man}

Here’s the deal: Scan your photos, or make JPEGs from digital photos. Size them around 600 by 450 pixels – that’s large enough to look good but small enough to upload easily to a photo site.

Go to a photo hosting website. I use Webshots and find it very easy to navigate. ( A sample: Webshots - Wallpaper / Screen Savers ) There’s also Snapfish, Photobucket, and no doubt others. Most offer a no or low frills free account and a bells and whistles paid account. Sign up, upload your photos into albums, and you’re ready to post.

For posting: Copy the URL of whatever picture you want to share and do this (no spaces, of course):

[ url=]a picture of Eddy [/url ]

Which in posted form will look like this:

a picture of Eddy

Thank you so much! I’m off to find the digital camera! And the to see if I can coerce the cats into posing!

Congratulations! And thanks for the pics. I would have taken one of those kittens off your hands.

I had one grey Persian, year ago… but Spamzo is cuter. His little white ruff and bit of white on his nose make him look almost regal. He woke me up this afternoon by licking my nose.

Thank you very much! And yeah… I’ve been in a generally very good mood since my baby said “yes”.

Thank you! Trust me, if our apartment was any bigger, we’d have kept the other ones too. I did, however, fall in love with watching a litter of kittens play with each other all over the house. We might just have to do this foster thing again some time :slight_smile:

Yikes! The SPCA did give us a second one, but in this apartment there’s not really enough room currently. Hopefully they’ll learn to photosynthesize. :wink:

Thanks for your congrats and taking the time to post to this thread. Also very glad that your daughter got a kick out of the little fluffballs.

On the first point, it’s actually a bit funny. Bonzai is a total old grump, and he hates Tonka. But now that the kittens terrorize him, Tonka feels free to roam the apartment, knowing that Bonzai will be somewhere else, running away from the kittens.

And again, thank you!

Thanks much! And, if you still want one of 'em, they might still be availble on Long Island. You don’t live anywhere near there, though, do you?

Thanks to the helpful information posted by EddyTeddyFreddy, there is now a thread with pics of the SCLZoo.

Kittens and ferrets! Sqeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Must… not… click… links…

I’m doomed. :smiley:


What have I unleashed upon an unsuspecting world?!?


I have no idea what my ferrets would do if faced with a cat interloper in their cage - except it probably wouldn’t be as mellow as the reaction that yours showed in that picture! I suspect it’d be closer to instant play-fighting. And yes, ew, kitties should not explore the corners of a ferret cage…

Sooooo freakin cute kitties (and ferret!), and congrats!

:dubious: I live in Upstate, but my SO is from Long Island. Are you serious? How do I get info? When was this anyway? How old would they be now…I’d definitely want to break myself into cat-dom with a kitten.

Congrats on your engagement, and holy crap, those are the most adorable kittens I think I’ve ever seen! I just spent ten minutes with this grin on my face: :smiley: .

And I must say that the best kittens EVER come from North Shore Animal League, as my two middle-aged fuzzballs were acquired there 7 years ago (actually, exactly 7 years ago next week).