Found: My nephew

18 years ago when my nephew was 17 he “ran away” under circumstances I don’t know the details of, except that it had to do with his controlling stepfather (who is now out of the family). I was eight years old when he was born and his mom wasn’t married at the time so they lived with us for about a year and I spent a lot of time with him when he was a baby, and when I was old enough I would babysit for him and his sister. He was always a nice kid as far as I was concerned. I never did like the stepfather in question.

This weekend his brother managed to find him on the internet. He’d been living pretty much in the same (metro) area all this time, thinking nobody cared about him or had tried to find him. Which isn’t the case as I know his mom has tried and I’ve searched for him on the net several times myself. But I can see how he’d think that seeing as he hadn’t been found.

So, welcome back to the fold, nephew. Glad to have you back.

That’s great news! Hopefully you and your family will be able to build a relationship with your nephew. Family can be a complex and difficult thing, but it’s the most beautiful and precious thing in the world.

hoping for the best for AllShookDown and his kin

Wow. I’m glad that you found him again. Have you guys had an in-person meeting yet? I am sure it will be a big adjustment but hopefully everything will work out okay.

I’m glad you’ve found him. I can’t imagine what the poor guy has been going through all this time, thinking that nobody has tried to find him.

Wonderful news indeed! Do keep us posted on the progress of this story; we all love to hear about wonderful stuff like this.


That is wonderful! Best of luck on your reunion!

I haven’t seen him in person yet (I’m a few hours away from them) but what was really nice about the whole thing was that my mom was down visiting his mom at the time so my sister had already planned a little party with my mom, one of our other sisters, her “husband” (not married but have been together for many years), that sister’s daughter, husband and their daughter, and both of the nephew’s brothers. So he got to see a lot of family all at once. I got an e-mail from his mom this morning and she said she was nervous but everything went fine.

I’m just so glad he’s ok. After so many years I was afraid he’d died on the streets somewhere. He and the brother that found him are going to come up to my neck of the woods soon since my mom, and another of his aunts and uncle live in this area.

That’s great news. :slight_smile: