Four Humours

I’m Melancholy Choleric.

What are you?

Ruggedly Handsome

I’m not really Phlegmatic Melancholy. I’m just drawn that way.

38% Phlegmatic
33% Melancholic
15% Sanguine
15% Choleric

Choleric Sanguine

Choleric Melancholy

Wasn’t that a character in Gone with the Wind?

Afterthought: my score adds up to 101%. What does THAT mean? :confused:

Choleric Phlegmatic. Notice lots of “leaders” taking the test.

Wry Slapstick. Just kidding.

Melancholy Phlegmatic.

Melancholy Phlegmatic

Melancholy Sanguine

with a phlematic glaze. The only thing I’m not appears to be choloric. So I’m safe to be around.

Melancholy Choleric. Which, I suppose, means that I am sad that I have cholera. Or something.

Melancholy Phlegmatic

And the glass it neither half full nor half empty; it’s just too big

Melancholy Phlegmatic

Melancholy Strength:10 Weakness:13 57%
Phlegmatic Strength:5 Weakness:6 28%
Sanguine Strength:2 Weakness:0 5%
Choleric Strength:3 Weakness:1 10%

Choleric Melancholy. Which is all well and good, but what does it mean?


There are links to “definitions” of each of the humours along the right hand side of the linked page. But to answer your question, it doesn’t really mean anything. It thinks it does, but it doesn’t.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say if you’re really interested.

So I’m courageous, amorous, despondent and sleepless.

Yup, me in a nutshell.

Choleric means you are pissed. melancoly means you feel like shit.

Melancholy (45%) Phelgmatic (33%). I knew that already.