Four school shootings this week?

I’m pretty sure I heard them say at least twice on NPR this morning during reporting of the shooting at Northern Illinois University, that this was the fourth school shooting in less than a week. This was the first one that I had heard of recently. Where were other three incidents? Were they high schools or colleges? I’d try to google this but I’m sure the first gazillion hits I’d get would be for yesterday’s NIU shooting. Thanks.

First things first - there’s a school shooting in or near LA County pretty much every single week of the school year:

Oxnard, Calif. (Junior High)

Here are two more:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (University)

Memphis, Tenn. (High School)

And of course the NIU one.

Oh, and there were actually five this week. Here’s the fifth - at an ELEMENTARY school…

Portsmouth, Ohio

There were also shots fired in a parking lot outside a high school in St. Louis following a basketball game. No one was hurt. link