Goddammit. Reset the clock

At leastthree killed at an elementary school in California.


Based on what’s in that link, I’m guess gang/drug shootout. Looks like the students were hit by stray bullets.
Not that it makes it any better but it doesn’t look like an attempt at a mass shooting.

Lucky, just your garden variety 3 person shooting.

Active LA Times story.

3 dead, including the gunman (singular.)

Thoughts and prayers. Now is not the time. Tehama Strong.

Not the time for what?

Now is never the time for elementary schools to be shot up. But it happens anyway.

Not the time to discuss gun control. As is said after every shooting.

Doing anything constructive. Too soon, don’t you know.

Based on the thread title, I thought yancy got hijacked by a spammer.

That’s good.

Five dead, two kids wounded. Police are saying domestic violence incident.

Checks calendar…

Yep, it’s been a week. Must be time for another shooting. USA!! USA!! USA!!

Fuck me :frowning: :frowning:

Good thing you don’t live here, huh?

According to the people around here, the answer is “moar gunz!”
I believe that was Trump’s answer too.

If only some of those kids had been armed.

One good toddler…

The story is confusing.

Ok, so he was a felon, but he could buy guns legally? But he was not licensed to carry them. Huh.

Pretty convenient. Mass shooting pretty much once/day now. So it’s NEVER the time.

This works pretty well for the NRA and the gun manufacturers.