Four Seattle police officers ambushed and shot dead


Since this state has the DP, I’m absolutely sure it will be used for the perps if they survive capture. The whole point of having the DP is to use it against heinous, notorious crimes. A prosecutor who doesn’t pursue it in a case like this puts his/her own career at risk.

Calm yourself.
You’re gonna bust something. :slight_smile:

I am horrified. I’ve cried on and off all day.
Police and firefighters consider themselves brothers-in-arms. We’ve been to too many funerals lately. Hubby’s station is very close to this shooting. He passed that intersection on his way home about 30 minutes before this happened. :(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

Geez, who pissed in your shower?

I wonder if there is a reason or if it was a random attack.

If there’s a reason, it hasn’t been revealed yet. The scumbag hasn’t been caught yet, although they I’ve identified someone by name that they want to question.

Based on what I’ve read, he was strictly after cops, as the customers and baristas in the store were not shot at.

This is the latest update in our local paper:

The Seattle Times seems to be posting updates fairly regularly.

(ETA: Posted before I saw Taters’ link. Hers is more local to the area.)

Surprise surprise! He’s a multiple ex-con with FIVE prior felony convictions, and a sixty year prison sentence in Arkansas…which was commuted by Governor Mike Huckabee!

This is a fucking outrage. And I hope it sinks Mike Huckabee’s career forever. I hope Mike Huckabee blows his fucking brains out in disgrace.

I’ve always disliked Mike Huckabee.

I seriously doubt that will happen. He will come up with an explanation of how he and God made the right choice and everyone else is an idiot.


I’ve maintained for some time that we should have mandatory life without parole for anybody who commits a major felony using a deadly weapon. Period. No exceptions. Including anyone 13 and older. (Anybody who stabs somebody at 13 is more likely to be incorrigible than rehabilitatable.)

They let a thug go, and he kills Jennifer Hudson’s family. We let a thug go and he kills four cops. This is crazy.

Sure it’s more the exception than the rule, but why should we err on the side of kindness with a population that’s 95 percent pure evil?

As long as this thread isn’t moved to Great Debates, could maybe the political rants stay out of it? I’m obviously asking as a poster, not as a junior mod, but I’d much appreciate it.

A quick article on why it’s rare to see death penalty cases in Washington State.

Are you using hyperbole here, or are you serious? I never know with you.

It was hyperbole. I don’t think Mike Huckabee should blow his brains out. I think he should take an overdose of Tylenol.

Hopefully the gunman will be killed by the police before being arrested, will save a whole bunch of money. Also I will not vote for Huckabee ever unless I have to vote for him or a Democrat.

Argent Towers, are you high?

Jesus, AT, you are in la la land. If you’re this unhappy with our Constitutional system, you’re welcome to leave the country. Maybe Saudi Arabia would be more your speed.

And how do you know these cops didn’t have it coming?

This hits awful close to home, I grew up only a few miles from where this happened.

Do want to find out if he’s guilty first, or is that a waste of money?