Four ways to decorate your uterine wall...

So I went to have an ultrasound in hopes of avoiding an endometrial biopsy. You know, that procedure where they grab onto your cervix with the needle nose pliars and go in and grab off some tissue from inside your uterus? That procedure that they say can be done in the office sans anesthesia or medication because it only causes “some discomfort”, meaning that only 20 or 30 percent of women who undergo it pass out or puke?

So anyhow, it seems my uterus has like way too much wallpaper (Endometrium) for my 12 year postmenopausal condition. Oh Pohjonen, didn’t you know? You didn’t have children, you had PCOS, you have too much fat, and you QUIT SMOKING so now you have six thousand times the risk of uterine cancer! That’s what happens when you let PCOS go untreated!

So. We won’t discuss the 88 doctors I saw over 30 years trying to get some treatment for my PCOS. The one who was “underwhelmed” by my multitude of distressing symptoms when I was 25. The one that told me to come back when I wanted to have a baby. And especially the ones who knew less about PCOS than I did after spending a weekend on the internet. Oh and the one who didn’t suggest a hysterectomy when I was 47, insured, and suffering from endometriosis, pelvic pain and polyps. Oh be patient - you’ll be better when you go through menopause in a couple of years! Yeah, right.

So now here I am - uninsured, unemployed, bleeding, and three years away from Medicare when I can just have the damn thing removed.

And no - I can’t get Medicaid - even if I have cancer.

Screw it all anyway. I just love doctors.

yup, when it comes to women’s health issues it’s like every doctor reverts to a 1950’s pipe-smoking, condescending prick who will totally blow off any concerns you have. 'Cause they’re the doctor and they know everything, and you’re just a hysterical female who just needs a lie-down and to have a baby to make it all better, even though it’s inside you and you know exactly how agonizing it is. Now go cook me a roast, woman!

That goes for the female doctors too; in my 20s I had an episode of such bad bleeding I thought I was hemmorhaging and got so weak I couldn’t walk 20 feet without stopping to rest. My GP ordered blood tests and stuff but basically said “he couldn’t do anything about that stuff” so I had to wait months for referral to female OB-GYN (thanks, sucky HMO).

So I go to that appointment and tell her about the bleeding episode and she blows it off with “Yeah, sometimes periods can be a little heavy.” :mad: A LITTLE heavy? Did you look at the bloodwork report where my hematocrit (normally 14 in women) was down to 9???

Extremely sorry about your problems.

If it’s not impermissable levity, I was drawn in by the thread title to suggest a fifth way – Painting a Mural in Gentian Violet. Only I don’t know if they use gentian violet anymore

There are times when I’m really glad I’m not a woman. This is one of them.

And not all of them are men. The worst one I’ve ever heard about was a woman.

Um, er, are we all just supposed to know what PCOS is?

(Dopers, please, just spell it out when you first use it, after that abbreviate at will! It’s what newspapers and magazines do, because it works!)

Yeah, I was wondering how Permanent Change of Station was affecting her uterus.

PCOS=polycystic ovarian syndrome

It’s a disorder where a woman’s hormones are badly out of whack resulting in irregular periods, infertility, growth of body hair, and often obesity.

Wikipedia page here

Google is your friend.

Gee, thanks, but I realize I could have Googled it.

My point was, if you want responses to your OP maybe the onus is on you to make yourself clear.

Of the 8 current responses, 4 are about what the OP was actually referring to. Maybe more ‘on topic’ responses would have occurred if they had made themselves clear.

A little levity is most welcome. I don’t need a doctor. I need a contractor to go in with a backhoe and then a remodel.

Oh and Elbows, I didn’t include any information about PCOS because I wasn’t expecting anyone to provide me with solutions or cures. Things are a little past that. I was just bitching - 'cause this is the PIT. Fuck, Fuck Fuck.

Anyone with an “on-topic” response would necessarily already know what PCOS is.

I feel you, lady – I’ve had PCOS probably since my late teens and was only finally given the diagnosis when I was 30 after I pressed the issue with a new, sympathetic doctor.

Now for almost a year I’ve been having spotting for 2-3 week stretches at a time. My hormone levels have been tested twice and are within normal ranges, I don’t have any infections, a hysteroscopy and D&C have revealed nothing (no fibroids, no cancer, no structural problems)…so my doctors are telling me I’m fine.

But I’m still bleeding for no apparent reason at all for 2-3 weeks at a time. (And my periods are still irregular, although they’re coming more frequently now. Why? Who knows!)

So I ask them what’s up, and they tell me, “It’s probably just hormones.” But my hormones have been tested and they’re normal! So why am I bleeding?

They offer to put me on HBC. I don’t want HBC because I’m already at a much higher risk for cancer given the PCOS and my family history, and besides, I’ve been on it before and it made me insane. So they tell me to keep a log of the times I bleed for the next three months. But I’ve already given you a log for the past year…what good will knowing about the next three months do?

I don’t know, but I’m really tired of bleeding.

So then why didn’t you? It’s one thing to complain about an obscure initialism with an ambiguous meaning, but there’s *no way *that you could look up PCOS in conjunction with this OP and *not *come away with polycystic ovary syndrome. Either you’re curious enough to look it up yourself, or you don’t care and you close the tab to this thread without responding. No need to bitch at the OP because you can’t be bothered to hop over to Wikipedia.

Gallows - I’m assuming the BC in HBC stands for birth control But what is the H? My bleeding is so concerning now because I’m 12 years past menopause - I never had the perpetual bleeding you speak of except when I had the polyp. And in my never-to-be-humble opinion on this subject, your hormones are NOT normal or you’d be having a normal cycle. If they were normal, presumably you’d be ovulating and I’d bet a yankee dollar you’re not. How old are you, if I may ask?

WAG: H = hormonal.

Hello Ms. Guns; I’m very happy that Elbows or someone else asked, and that ugly ripe tomato answered (complete with link). I was wondering about the same thing, and was not going to go to the trouble of looking in up. It might have taken me 35 seconds to look it up and another minute to scan a Wikipedia article. Maybe a hundred people are going to read this thread. The explanation and link was a favor to all of them.

This is exactly what I had to deal with when I wanted to get my tubal at 33 - I really really needed to get one because I’d been on the Pill for 15+ years straight, which meant I was essentially PMSing 24/7, and other forms of birth control I either didn’t trust enough or was allergic to. But of course since I hadn’t had any children AND I wasn’t married at the time, I didn’t know my own widdle mind and even the doctor I was referred to by Planned Parenthood took this attitude. Basically, I was told that if I quit taking the Pill “at some point” my hormones would return to normal and until then I should “use some other form of BC”.
“Uh, I can’t?”
“Oh, well, then, don’t have sex then, if you really don’t want a baby (which of course I don’t believe).”
“For how long?”
“Until your hormones return to normal.”
“When will that be?”
“Oh, hard to say - most women don’t stay on the Pill this long.”

An aside…

Years ago, National Lampoon did a parody of Cosmopolitan with a cross-eyed model on the front. IIRC, one of the subjects listed on the cover was “Decorate Your Uterine Wall.” Another was, “Oof! Guys Who Kick Girls in the Stomach.”

Ok. I’m done.

Rysdad - I had that magazine! That’s what made me choose my thread title. I also vividly remember the exercises - like lifting your hair and bending your knees backwards. Which I’da saved that magazine. It was a riot.

Sorry, HBC = hormonal birth control (Ferret Herder was right :)). I’m 32, never had kids, no STDs, not pregnant. And that’s what I thought, too – why are my cycles so weird to begin with PLUS this weird spotting, if my hormone levels are normal? I just don’t understand.

And apparently, I am ovulating – when I last had my hormone levels checked, one of the numbers had indicated I was in mid-cycle, and sure enough, 2 weeks later I got my period. But that month (this past December) before the blood test, I had spotted for nearly 3 weeks with no actual period. I had stopped spotting about a week before the blood test, too, if that matters.

(That’s what’s bugging me about my doctor. I’m trying to find a pattern for the spotting – is it around the time of ovulation, or before, or random? And I’ve given her the dates of my cycles and spotting, and she’s asked me to keep this log, but she doesn’t do anything with the data. What’s the point, then? Just to placate me, I gather.)

My mother has uterine (and has had breast) cancer, so that’s why I ran to the gyno as soon as I had health insurance, because her only symptom of her uterine cancer had been spotting (except she was post-menopausal, so I know here circumstances were different). Luckily, the results of my uterine lining sample came back as negative for cancer or pre-cancer, because that is my greatest fear.