Fourth Mistborn book coming out this fall

I don’t know if this is old news to everyone else, but I just found out about it today, and I’m excited. I enjoyed Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy much more than I expected to, and he’s adding a fourth volume this fall, called The Alloy of Law. Those of you who have read book three might be wondering how this could possibly work - and quite rightly. Well, according to the description I linked to, it takes place 300 years later, in a world that has moved on and begun to resemble the old West - railroads, guns, that sort of thing - but with all the old metal magics thrown in. Sounds like a brilliant concept to me.

I knew about the book but this is first i’ve heard of any details. Love the trilogy and Brandon Sanderson. Put me down as eagerly awaiting this book!!

Oo! I did not know there was going to be a 4th book. Wonder how it will work out??

Keeping an eye peeled.

I’m wondering what Kelsior’s religion will look like by this time.

Allomancers vs six-shooters/rifles? Got to see how that works. Burn lead, outlaw!!

If none of Vin’s ancestors deflects a bullet with a thrown dime, this book will be a disappointment.