Fowl whether

This isn’t quite how I’d envisioned starting my first thread here, but:

Aauuggh!!! My 25-lb turkey has been slowly thawing out in my garage (as cold as my refrigerator), to be ready for a Friday roasting & carving, and I’ve just discovered that a cat snuck in at some period when the door was open, clawed its way through the plastic wrapping, and made a meal off the front rim of my big bird. The rest of the turkey is untouched, and much of it still frozen, so…

…how much of a catastrophe is this? While I wouldn’t serve genuine roadkill for a holiday dinner [ummm, except for the time we picked up a still-flopping car-struck pheasant while out for a walk on Thanksgiving afternoon, with dinner roasting in the oven, and the time a depressed chicken committed suicide beneath my wheels–and why waste perfectly good fresh food?] I’m really reluctant to chuck the entire fowl and start afresh. Er, a-frozen.

Can I just cut off the raggedy areas, wash the rest, roast it and say nothing, NOTH-thing to anybody, thereby saving landfill space, time and roughly $40? Or is there too much prospect of noxious germs surviving sustained hours in the oven?

What would YOU do?

Well, speaking from previous experience I did just what you suggest. I found my cat gnawing on a frozen steak I had set out to defrost so I cut away the “eaten” portion plus a little extra, cooked it and ate it. This was many years ago and I’m still here. Thorough cooking will kill most pathogens. That’s why even Salmonella contaminated chicken is perfectly safe to eat after it’s been cooked through. So
I’d think it’s ok, just be sure it’s well done.

For the record, I work in a hospital lab and have done quite a bit of microbiology. But the above is just my opinion of course. :slight_smile:

<leaning back in rocker, thumbs behind suspenders>
Thank you for your support.

It’s comforting to have reassurance from somebody who’s bt/dt and survived, and who isn’t appalled by the very idea. Shall I save you a slice?

Why not? My cat’s crazy for poultry. :slight_smile: