Fox cancels Lou Dobbs!

Thank you for clarifying that this was one of the things he did before his death.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

That was supposed to say “still anchoring the news.” :grimacing:

Now that’s a name meme I’ve not heard in a long time. … A long, long time. :wink:

Not long enough.

Funny. Back in January, I posted that Lou Dobbs wasn’t going anywhere.

And Lou Dobbs isn’t going anywhere either. Even though he’s the granddaddy of all the Fox ranters, starting with the racist immigration bullshit and birtherism. He was all in on election fraud too.

Once in a while, I’m happy to be wrong.

Dijon Stewart

Didn’t he play for the Bears about 8 years ago?

French’s “Dijon Mustard” Stewart

French Stewart?

I’d like a mustard steward. He’d offer me a selection for each meal.

Jean-Luc Picante?

Jean-Luc Poupon?

Not with your tongue!

I think it’s more of a failed attempt at a meme. It’s not really a meme if only one person is participating.

Perhaps. A few of us threw a few things into the quarry here and there. Both then and since. Although throwing Bo in effigy was one of the more popular things back in the saying’s heyday.

OTOH, a lot of Dopers got behind “An’ shit!” from the otherwise late mostly unlamented @Super_Kapowzler. So there’s still hope quarry-throwing-into could grow some traction.

It’s a joke that at this point only one person thinks is funny but insists on repeating until someone laughs (which is never).

And he got really pissy when asked even nicely to stop. Any respect I had for him evaporated, which he will be pleased to know.

Y’know, if anyone (like the dozens of posters who’ve asked Bo to stop doing that) wanted to, they could flag Post 102 as “Other - useless post with no content”.

That’s only true from a certain point of view