Fox cancels Lou Dobbs!

What, no love for ‘Gotcha Ya’?

But I don’t want to zap any of those memes with… some kind of… ray…

I gotta say that in @Colibri’s concentrated form those in-jokes add up to a large pile of “WTF were we thinking???!?!!11?1”.

Ref that current thread, I’m sure glad they’re all in the dustbin of our board’s cultural history. Yecch! and good riddance.

Discourse isn’t powered by hamsters too?

The main guy is named codinghorror, so I tend to think Lovecraftian.

So maybe if they’re eldritch hamsters?

Discourse is powered by Marmite?

Ah, they’re 1920s-style death memes.

Well, now I’m just sad again. :frowning_face:

Discourse is powered by much larger and more powerful capybaras.

Ahh, thank you! I really didn’t want to have to answer my own straight line.

Something something Unca Cec.

And then a reference to the squid and the goat, and to mods’ jackboots.

Oh, and “I am the fucking hall monitor!” How could I forget that one.

That’s no longer de rigeuer?

Why the hell aren’t I notified about these things?

I guess today’s bon mot is tomorrow’s flaming mot…

< golf clap >

Just wondering (and a quick google shows nothing), but any rumors on him taking a new job at some other ‘conservative’ station?

I hear a syndicated radio slot just opened up.

Rumor is he is still being held under contract.

And one wonders why.

Something that just occurred to me: it’s nice to see a thread about cancelling that actually correctly recognizes the entity that did it.

It’s the companies that actually cancel. It’s good people aren’t saying the voting companies cancelled him. And hence why saying angry audiences “cancel” people is clearly false. Ultimately, the decision is always up to their employer.