Fox News threatened to sue 'The Simpsons' over their Fox News Parody

“During an interview broadcast today on NPR’s Fresh Air, Simpsons creator Matt Groening revealed that the Fox News Network had threatened to sue The Simpsons over a parody of the right-leaning news channel.”

Wee bit sensitive, aren’t we?

You can hear the interview here:

Groening mentions the lawsuit threat about 6 minutes into it.

I never saw the episode in question, but still it’s pretty funny. Didn’t a tourism office in Brazil also once threaten to sue the show, claiming that the experience American tourists would have had been misrepresented?


Isn’t this the corporate version of someone with multiple personalities disorder suing themself over what one of their other personalities said about them?

This is what you get when you put crazy people in charge of large organizations.

Isn’t this the sort of lawsuit that Rupert Murdoch used to get in England in the 1960’s?

Can arms of the same corporation sue one another?

This sounds so familiar (Simpson mocking FoxNews) but I can’t quite remember the episode. Did it actually air?

Seems pretty silly considering they’ve made fun of Murdoch himself several times and yet he did a cameo in the Superbowl episode calling himself, “the billionaire tyrant”.

Um, considering how big The Simpsons is, and that it’s one of Fox’s cash cows, isn’t this like shooting themselves in the foot?

Yes. The gag appeared in the episode Mr. Spritz Goes To Washington, in which Krusty ran for Congress to get planes diverted away from the Simpson house. Fox News Channel (“Your Source For Evil”) features Krusty and his Democratic rival, vilifying the Democrat, of course. Not only do they bad-mouth him, they superimpose devil horns and a communist flag on him. As all this goes on, the pro-Republican news ticker marches on with blurbs such as “JFK posthumously joins Republican Party” and “Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at”

(I think Groening said in the Fresh Air interview that Fox wouldn’t want to waste money on suing itself, or some funny line like that.)

Perhaps, but if they manage to lose the suit, it’ll end up creating some publicity, so then maybe not.

They could, possibly, sue Groening and not be suing themselves. But that would still be shooting themselves in the foot: Groening would leave, taking The Simpsons with him, and FOX would have one less reason to exist. Any person who shoots himself in the foot that badly could be involuntarily committed as a danger to himself.

That assumes that Groening hasn’t given the show to FOX via murderous licensing. But as Groening would have had to have been an idiot to do that, I doubt he’d have done that. Really, really doubt it.

And the following day’s headline would read like this :

Even if he had done that, Fox would still be shooting themselves in the foot. If Groening leaves, you can bet the rest of the gang would follow shortly thereafter. Fox would no doubt try to foist an imitation Simpsons on us, which would promptly die the miserable death it deserves.

But it would feature Jon Lovitz! How could it fail?

The article says they’vebacked down on the suit. But they’re refusing to let the show carry their news crawls. Keep in mind the above is the parady news crawl they’re afraid will be confused with their “real” one.

Come to think of it they have a point…

Hachi Machi!

The faster Fox collapses in on itself the better the world will be.

If Groening and Crew leave FOX and go someplace sane, imagine what they could do. Especially since FOX most likely owns enough of The Simpsons to prevent them from just re-establishing the series. Groening wasn’t a one-idea guy. He’s created very funny, very watchable shows FOX later crushed under their own monstrous ignorance (Futurama and Family Guy).

I think it could be a good thing if Groening was forced out of FOX.

Family Guy wasn’t created by Groening.