Foxtrot en espanol--porque? – sometimes this comic is obscure and it makes me feel all nerdsmart when I get the jokes, but I’m afraid this one is beyond me. Any ideas?


Quick guess:

Whoops! Somebody posted the Spanish version on the Yahoo-in-English website.

That was my first guess, too, but Foxtrot’s home page has the same comic up. Could it be a massive distribution error?

As far as I can tell, someone says, “WHere’s Jason?” The next panel shows the father saying, “No, no you didn’t (do something–agrerare) with the green screen!” Jason responds, “I envy George Lucas’s sons.”

Hmm. I just realized that, what with my in-laws in town, they’ve got a newspaper downstairs. Paper copies of the comics…I forgot they existed. I’ll check there and see what’s up.


Agregar=add in. So the dad is saying, “No, I won’t add you in with a green screen!” Makes sense, but I think you’re right, the Spanish is an error. Oops!


I think what the dad is saying is that Jason cannot add himself (put himself into the “picture” with the rest of the family) by using green screen technology.

Spanish speaker here.

Dad is recording the family one by one putting the Christmas stockings on the fireplace.

Dad: Where is Jason?

Then in Jason’s room with Jason busy at the computer:

Dad: No, I will not add you later with the “green screen”!

Jason: I envy the sons of George Lucas…

In our newspaper downstairs it’s in English, so apparently this is just a fun online goof.


In English in my newspaper.

Ha! I thought it was funny.

Hijos can also be children (as padres can also be parents), per my experience and per my Collins Spanish Dictionary. imdb, however accurate, lists 2 daughters and 1 son for (if not by) George. Would Jason be green with envy? (¿Por qué? Porque…)

Well, in the English-language version, Jason’s closing line is “George Lucas’ kids have it so good…”, so Amend used an accurate word.

(Note: if you’re reading this after the next strip is posted, the direct link won’t work, but the date-specific URL currently leads to the Spanish version.)

Wow. It was in English when I saw it earlier today, Tokyo time. I wonder when it changed? Could this be the work of Khan? KHAAAAAaaaaaaaan!

In spanish any mixed-gender group automatically takes the male ending. Even if the mixed group contained 99 girls and 1 boy. :rolleyes: