Interesting live action "Jetsons" intro

Yeah it’s just really an ad for Arconic (was Alcoa) but still as someone who watched the Jetsons as a kid it was pretty amusing to watch and it was very nicely done.

Perfect post/username combo!

And thanks for the vid.

Ralfaz? Ruck!

Arconic? Sounds evil.

If the Jetsons live in San Francisco, that giant condo they live in must be worth a billion dollars.

I can’t tell you how much I wanted that to end with out-of-control dog walking.

Yeah, that’s the one thing off about this: It’s tonally wrong because this George Jetson isn’t a loser. He’s a model-pretty man with a model-pretty family who works in a job which looks interesting and fulfilling, as opposed to a cartooney nebbish with a pudgy son and a wife and daughter who are attractive within the limits of 1960s Hanna-Barbera ultra-stylized limited animation who has a completely unfulfilling job which apparently involves pushing buttons all day.

It’s hard to imagine this George Jetson getting fired by a corrupt plutocrat or getting into any of the other farcical comedy-of-errors hijinks the original show ran on. Ads can make fun of their main characters, but when your main character apparently works at the company you want to advertise for, making him a loser makes your whole company seem like a bad place to work and do business with.

That, and it’s an unimaginative vision of the future with the 1960s sound effects overlaid on top of it. I suppose that fits in a meta sense, in that “The Jetsons” was 1960s consensus vision of the future and this is the 2010s consensus vision of the future, but it’s still just like every other 2010s show set in the middle-range future. It does nothing to distinguish itself. And putting it in San Francisco instead of at least trying to replicate the Cloud City concept is extra lazy. They lived in Cartoon Bespin, goddamn it!

Well, you really couldn’t get away with portraying Jane (his wife) as she was in the original; George takes a bill out of his wallet, Jane grabs the wallet, and then descends to the shopping center. I don’t think that would fly with a modern audience.

And the costuming seems a little off. Elroy is wearing clothes that look like they could have been inspired by a '60s cartoon, but the rest are in fashionable, minimalist outfits that don’t even try to capture that retro-future vibe.

Sounds like very woman I’ve ever known. :mad:

Seth MacFarlane did it better.

Why are they commuting, anyway, given the telepresence capabilities they’re demonstrating?

Cool vid, but it does have political correctness all over it. I was surprised they didn’t change the lyrics too, so the mom and daughter are introduced first. I’m so conditioned by modern advertising it stood out.

Then again, I have no idea what that company does or who they’re marketing to.

Yup, I spent the entire video waiting for them to stop that crazy thing.

Hows about Futurama in a higher resolution?

What the hell? A black haired Jetson family, and George with a beard? Fuck that!

The Hanna Barbera Wiki says he only worked 3 hours a day, 3 days a week.

Well, when you count all the times he came home with a sprained button-pushing finger, plus having to work under that live volcano Mr. Spacely, I think you can say his job was less than enviable.

All that and you didn’t even mention that Elroy is Chinese with 2 Caucasian parents.

I’m loving having this live action under the music and sound effects I remember. But they could have at least paid lip service to Mr. Spacely, R.U.D.I, and Uniblab. Stick 'em in the background, somewhere.

Not directly related to this, but there’s a Judy Jetson Hair Salon on Mass Ave. in Cambridge, between Harvard Square and Porter square. They didn’t used to have anything related to the cartoon show, as if it’s purely a coincidence:

But I notice now that they’re invoking Judy’s image on their website: