FoxTrot - Sunday 4/9

So did anyone break out a calculator and to Jason’s Paint By Number project in Sunday’s FoxTrot? I assume it’s a picture of Paige, since Jason calls it “scary” but I can’t see it in the lines. Anyone know where to find a colored in version?

From the Foxtrot LJ Community:
The completed picture

I love the internet.

Is the image available anywhere else? The link takes me to a livejournal page, but what I suspect is the image in question shows up as a small white square with a red “X” in it. Right-clicking “Show Picture” has no effect for me.

Wha? Wow, it never occurred to me that I could subscribe to comics communities in LiveJournal and have comics show up in my friends page. That’s ingenious!

The comic in question is ingenious also.

I don’t know if it will help but further down the page one of the folks has it as their icon. Green monster with a blondish ponytail.

Yes, but there’s also a thing that looks like a boney bat-wing where her neck should be, and nothing below the neck. Personally, I think it’s Paige as a vargouille, from the D&D Monster Manual.

I did most of it myself, but I can’t make out some of the numbers on the online version, so I’m waiting to get ahold of the printed version to finish it.

This is why I love FoxTrot, because Bill Amend is nerdy enough to actually make a puzzle like this that works.

I think that “boney bat-wing” is supposed to be her serpentine body. Think of the picture as a snake with a huge Paige-head on it; I believe that’s the intent.

Even better:

And according to the updates section on, there was an error in the paint-by-numbers. Finding it is left as an exercise for the reader.

Apparently there was a number divisible by both 17 and 19.

Yeah, Amend is CLEARLY one of us.

Hell, he even reads PvP. When Kurtz parodied Foxtrot he wrote it praising it and Kurtz ran it in his letters column.

I considered that, too, but a vargouille is nerdier.

I think a snake bodied Paige is more in style with Amend’s typical creatures.

Nice comic. I thought the prime numbers would be painful, but since they are just backdrop it wasn’t too bad.