Frances Cobain's "Suicide 16" Party

Yes, it’s really been SIXTEEN years since she was born (damn!). And the theme of her “Sweet” Sixteen?

The invitation:

(Pretty girl, though)

Wow, not even her father wrote words quite as incoherent or vacuous as those, and that’s saying something. It must be her mother’s influence.

I have 3 years ago in the “Frances Bean tries smack with her mother” pool, by the way.

I want a $200 gift certificate to Amoeba!
I was just there tonight, I could have used it!!!

“Suicide” party? Really?

I was in middle school. My friend and I were out in the driveway playing basketball. It was April 5th but it must’ve been unseasonably cold because I distinctly remember him wearing a thick Tarheels jacket. His mom called us in from several houses down to tell us the news. I liked Nirvana just like every other kid at the time but the guy I was with was a fanatic. He cried. I probably said something I felt would be mildly consoling. Then I let him be and walked home. Hard to believe that was over 14 years ago. Sad to think this girl never knew her dad at all.

I turned sixteen the year Kurt died. How old do you think I feel. Hell, I remember my friend Tina calling me up on the phone two years before that and telling me when Frances was born-she was a HUGE Nirvana fan. Ouch.

(That cake must taste like suck from all that food coloring)

I am not overly alarmed by her using “suicide” as a theme for her party. It’s just a 16 year old’s way of testing the boundaries of propriety.
It’s maybe also a little bit about trying to take the sting out of those old demons by turning them into a goofy, joke-y kind of thing.

The kid has a lot going against her, since both of her parents had such major mental issues of the sort that tend to run in families. But based on this, she seems pretty normal to me. Maybe even a little more sensible than the average kid her age since she tells her friends not to bring drugs TO the party. :slight_smile:

Wow, she’s cute. She inherited the best physical traits from both parents.

Having said that, given who her parents are, and their mental problems, I’m amazed that we’ve heard so little of her. Looks like she’s doing the typical adolescent freak-out-the-squares type of thing.

I imagine she has some fascination with suicide, seeing that her dad’s might have been the most famous of a generation.

I’d feel better about this if the girl’s grasp on the English language weren’t so tenuous.

“Do it b4 you get into the party if you have to!” ~ seriously?

The theme itself, especially in light of “Kurdt”, seems a bit odd (and maybe that’s a bit of understatement) but not enough for me to get up in arms. Typical scenester girl stuff, I guess.

Looks like she’s lost a bit of weight. She has her father’s eyes and (unfortunately) her mother’s old nose.

From what I’ve read, she’s a good kid. I think that’s a miracle considering who her mother is.

Her lips came from one of the (sorry to say the name) Sarah Palin campaign rallies.

Interesting . . . when you enter “JTT” and “NPH” at, you get immediately forwarded to Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s and Neal Patrick Harris’s pages (respectively, of course).

Yeah, about as good or bad taste as any sixteen year old girl’s birthday party.

I wonder how many people remember April 5th vividly as the day they heard the news, though? They must have been pretty good psychics, seeing as the news only came through on the 8th.

Damned if that little girl doesn’t look exactly like her father…She’s beautiful.

I still cannot believe it’s been 14 years. We were living in Australia at the time, and my father read it as a news blurb in the paper the day after the body was found. No one cared. So I am somewhat disconnected from the sensation it was here. Four years later, my father was dead. I cannot believe that’s been ten years. Someone stop time before I really freak out.

True. Besides, especially considering her parents, she could be doing so much worse than having a tacky birthday party and sending invitations with a some l33tspeak in them.

The April 5th date has always been an estimate. Maybe the author was watching the “that’d be the butt, Bob” episode of The Newlywed Game when she got the bad news.

I hope Big Fun will be there, performing their hit “Teen Suicide (Don’t do it)”

I see a lot of her mother in her (I happen to think Courtney Love is beautiful). Wow…time flies.

Based on that sweet 16 show, this party is far more tasteful than most.

Edit: My apologies (see below)

“Celebitchy” claims to remember it “vividly,” however.

Come on man, that edit was begging for an “All Apologies”
I agree, a bit eyebrow raising, given her family history, but nothing to get too upset about.

She did luck out and get the best of both parents, lookswise. Hope she didn’t get the worst of both emotionally.