Trainwreck television: MTV's "Sweet Sixteen"

I have an excuse for watching this: I have a young baby and spend hours watching TV thanks to the boredom of breastfeeding. I can’t hold a book, baby, and boob all at once, so passive entertainment is what I crave, and I end up resorting to TV.

This trainwreck show is the most abominable reality series I have ever seen. I actually can say I’ve never finished an entire episode because half way through it, I want to kill someone.

All the parents and their offspring that appear in this grotesque celebration of materialism and superficiality (and complete disregard for building ANY kind of character) need to be put to sleep.

:insert vomiting smilie here:

And for the record, MTV is currently in a 2-hour minimarathon of this series. Watch, if you dare. Baby is napping, so TV is mercifully OFF.

Agreed. The show is crap and encouraging these little princesses is yet another sign of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization.

I saw the episode where Dad bought his daughter not one, but TWO FUCKING CARS!!!

He says, “Well, we figured she should have something to drive on the weekend.”

God, it’s child abuse! You are raising her in a way where she can’t fit into society!

By the time they’re grown, they’ll be even more bored becasue the already have everything they want. And what husband is going to put up with that crap?

I can’t believe no Dopers have graciously offered to hold your boob for you.
Because they would, you know. They’re selfless like that.

(I’ve never even heard of this show.)

This article gives a pretty good summary of the show.

I love that show, but then I love getting angry at stupid people on TV.
I love how these girls just keep complaining and complaining :

“The elephant is the wrong shade of gold.
Dad !!! How could you do that to me !!!
Now my party is a failure”

Pure comedy gold.
And dad just keeps swallowing all that, without flinching a muscle.

I’ve never seen an entire episode, but my daughter watches it, and will give me running narration and commentary as I do other things. The commentary usually includes several interjections such as “Please shoot me if I ever sound like that”, and “Thank you Mommy, for loving me too much to ever let me become such a useless zit on the ass of humanity.”

Uhuh. That it is. There hasn’t been a teenager or “parent” (ie money machine) on that show that I have not wanted to throttle. It’s like they are the same classless crass people that go on Jerry Springer, but with tons of money. $200,000 for a freakin’ party? Pass.

Heh. Part III: The Affluent Years

Those people are disgusting.

On my sixteenth birthday I didn’t even have a party. I was part of an environmental consciousness group and we cleaned tires out of a salmon spawning river. We were on a week long train trip across the province stopping at towns along the way and learning about responsible forestry, fisheries, and just helping out. The night ended with 150 kids singing me happy birthday right before we went to sleep on a hard gym floor.

Now that is a birthday to remember.
And I didnt even get a single present. :smiley:

You know, I hear most TVs these days show more than one channel, and often allow watchers to change from one to another if what is on displeases them.

And yet the SDMB has even more threads than my television has channels. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the show is a great advertisement for keeping, if not increasing, the estate tax.

My sis-in-law got, for her sweet sixteen, a submachinegun (a mac 10) from her marine dad. Given to her in case ‘the boys ever tried anything’.

Even though I’m very pro-gun-control, I’d love to have seen some sort of interaction with her and this show. :slight_smile:

I won’t watch the show but, based on other “reality” shows I’ve seen, isn’t it possible that the people are playing it up for the camera, and that MTV is telling them how to behave.

Probably to some extent they just show the most outrageous stuff…but there seem to be a lot of filthy-rich (or extremely in debt) people in the New York area and California that throw huge parties & weddings, I mean $50,000 and up. My father went to an Italian wedding in NYC and he said it took a couple floors of a huge building, open bar, huge buffets, and so on.

I don’t really get the impression that the producers of the show see these sweet 16 parties as a bad thing though.

But complaining is fun! Haven’t you read this message board before?


Well I can’t change the channel. The ghost of Mary-Ellis Bunim holds a gun to my head nightly. At least she makes snarky little cracks as we watch.

So do you like the show or something? Why don’t you, yanno, defend it rather than doing whatever the heck is was you attempted up there (failed snark, failed pitch for the remote control industry, failed random fact of the day)?

The way these kids treat other kids who they deem to be below their social status, is what sickens me about the show. They feel no need to show any kindness to those who are “beneath” them.

The sense of entitlement that these kids have just blows my mind. They are not the least bit grateful for everything they have.