Frank Buckles, last surviving American WWI vet, dies at 110.

Here’s the story:

Interestingly enough, he also did time in a Japanese prison camp during WWII.

You beat me to it. I came in to post theCNN story. Mr. Buckle’s been the subject of a couple of threads the last couple of years, I think. There’d been some question about whether he’d make it to his 110th birthday earlier this month; glad he did.


May God bless and keep him, and may we forever remember the sacrifices of his generation in serving the cause of freedom.

I met him a few times in the last five years or so. He was quite a character, and what an amazing life.

And now that the last voice warning against it has passed, the stage is set for a similar insanity, yet to come.

This brought more than a couple tears to my eyes. RIP.

He had to have been so very young when he served. Did he have to have someone sign off to let him enlist, or did he lie about his age? My grandfather would have been 111 this coming October if he was still alive, and he didn’t have to go.

Wow R.I.P. indeed. Are there any WWI vets left anywhere?

Accordingto his wiki article;

I wonder if there are any Army or Red Cross nurses left alive. On one hand you’d think the last “veteran” would be a woman, but on the other hand any nurse sent overseas would’ve been at least in her early 20s.

I believe there are two more WWI vets still alive, both British. Mr. Buckle was… Quite a guy.

Godspeed, sir.

Even more on his life - fascinating, if all true:

Claude Choles and Florence Green.

So it’s finally Over, Over Here, if not Over There.

Wow, what a guy.

I would have loved to sat and interviewed him about the past. **To think that he was already in his 60’s when Kennedy died. **

-should be a link to an oral history project interview from my grandfather 1896-2004.

It wanders a bit, but has a few snippets I like.

“No, we were just turned loose and some crazy guy that thought he was a captain would herd you here, herd you there, over here, had you going off over here, then you go a little more and you go back over there. We, we were nice guys, and I, we didn’t know beans, nothing. We just had to listen to what that crazy captain said.”

Were you glad when the war was over?
“And how. You know what that means? And how. And how. You know what that means? . . . If they never have another war that’s good enough.”

I used to work for a newspaper situated close to where Buckles lived, and we certainly wrote our fair share of articles about him. I always liked to imagine him sitting in his home, seeing a reporter coming up his front walk again, and saying to himself, “Aw, what is it THIS time? Another honor? Another old vet died? I’m gonna pretend I’m not home.”

There was talk of allowing Frank Buckles to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda, but that’s apparently a wash. Story here.

Frank Buckles to be buried today:

I’m getting old. I can remember when the last few Civil War vets were dying off (around 1950). Actually, I am old.