Frank DeCaro and the Daily Show

I’ve recently noticed that Frank DeCaro is no longer reviewing movies on the Daily show. Was he fired, or did he quit or something?

Also, has anyone seen him on anything other then the daily show? I’m curious if he’s really that flaming or if it’s just an act (Like Lewis Black’s stichk is).

I’m pretty sure he went to another show. There was a guest a while back who was in the show, and Jon said something like " blah blah for taking Frank DeCaro" (without the blahs).

Gone with the wind, a la Liz Winstead, one of the creators of the show.

I checked the IMDB and they don’t show that he is currently working. Of course, they may not be up to date.

I believe that Frank is a regular contributor to “TV Guide” so he doesn’t really need a TV gig.

I saw him the other day while channel surfing. He was doing some commentary on a “Greatest Commercials” :rolleyes: show on VH1. It seems that his over the top act on The Daily Show was not entirely a put on.

He also writes regularly (and much more soberly) for the Style section of the New York Times.

I read in the newspaper, about a month ago, that they had decided to stop his segment because they were moving the tone of the Daily Show to covering more actual news. IIRC, DeCaro was touring with a stand-up act of some sort.

Of course, I could be wrong.

I miss Frank DeCaro. Does he have a website?