Stephen Colbert is leaving The Daily Show. Whine here.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is losing a hell of a guy. Let’s face it: the best material from both the show and America (the Book): The Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction was the product of Colbert and the former will never quite be the same again.

I’ll be watching The Colbert Réport with much anticipation, but, sniff, we’ll miss ya, Steve.


Damnit, now who’s gonna do the ‘This Week In God’ segment?

Whine, whine, whine.

I’m an infrequent watcher of The Daily Show, although I do love it! Why is he leaving?

To do his own show, The Colbert Report (It’s French, Bitch) by the same producers.

Basically, he got fed up with all of Jon’s liberal BS and has gone on to do his own talkshow where he debates the important issues of the day by yelling a lot, like O’Reilly or Hannity.

Good one! Of course, he’s actually making fun of those shows, and from what I understand, it will also make fun of some of the “personal problems” O’reilly has had. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll never appear on the Daily Show again, just not as often, like Steve Correll does.

It wasn’t him originally anyway. The guy who does “Joe Bob Briggs” came up with it. No doubt there’s a host of eager Harvard Lampoon grads willing to join the staff and take it over.

Don’t think of it as losing Colbert. Think of it as the Daily Show expanding to a full hour.

I’m really going to miss… is that the door?

Did somebody order a pizza?

This news broke quite some time ago.

You don’t walk out of Harvard as funny as Stephen Colbert is. His segments and his banter with Stewart have become the highlight of the show, I think - it got weaker when he left and got much stronger when he returned. I hope they’ll manage without him. I look forward to the new show.

Hopefully he carries This Week in God over to his new show. I’d hate to see anyone try and do it as good as Colbert.


As good as he is the guy deserve a shot as his own gig. Just hope it doesn’t torpedo them both.

Worst case sceanario: The Colbert Report bombs, and Stephen returns to TDS.

Best case: TDS hires itself another brilliant correspondant, and continues to rock, while Colbert kicks 11:30’s ass.

I don’t see how we can lose here.

Favorite Colbert moment was probably an unscripted one. Al Sharpton was the guest, but apparently he cancelled at the last moment, so instead Jon interviewed Colbert as Sharpton. The funniest thing is that Colbert played it entirely straight. He didn’t really poke fun at Sharpton, ro even really do an impression, he just answered Jon’s questions. The sheer absurdity of the interview just about killed me.

I also miss Steve Carell, but Carell’s popping up all over the place now. He was teh best part of Anchorman, and is doing a pretty good job on the US The Office. I hope he drops by the Colbert Report to do another Even Steph(v)ens. Those always rocked so hard.

Actually, that was a different bit. I believe it was called “God Stuff”. Same idea though.

I wish the best for The Colbert Report but I do hate the thought of TDS losing him. It will undoubtedly be weaker without him. He is absolutely brilliant at what he does.

I like Stephen Colbert, but I never really got into the whole God Report thing. Kinda lame. Can live without that boop-bip-boobety-boop…boop thing.

It never quite worked for me, even though I’m all for some religion/God-bashing.

See… the entire thing is based on an old game show called the Joker’s Wild.

It’s a retro thing.

Maybe this means he’ll stop doing those awful Meineke commercials, or Goodyear, whichever is.

Well, it ain’t gonna be me. Back in '96 when they first started, The Daily Show wanted to hire me, but Lizz Winstead turned thumbs-down. Now I’m too old and washed-up (I’m the “Aunt Sassy” of humorists), and they won’t have any part of me.

Wanna start a write-in campaign?

No they didn’t!

And where is Lizz Winstead now? :smiley:

I think she’s on Air America. Isn’t Winstead the one who left SNL to protest having that creepy Italian humorist on?