Frank Frazetta pewter statue

Time for a new home for the boy, so he is up on ebay.

I give up, it goes to my revision page.

Since I cannot not get the page to list as the selling page, can a mod please, please remove these postings?

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but it only goes to my Ebay revision page and that leads me open to mischief. Not that I worry about Dopers, but still…

Never mind, I see what you mean. If anyone does an eBay search using Frank Frazetta pewter, they’ll see it. It’s beautiful.

Does this link work?

It is, isn’t it. I fell in love with it in a comic book store in July of 1996, and as a HUGE fan of Frank Frazetta, I had to have it. But I’m older and my kids don’t know Frazetta and the statue needs to be in a home that loves him as much as I do.

It’s always great to meet a fellow Frazetta person!

I’m still seeing the same issue, but if you are not, then it has to be with my computer and ebay. If so, thank you very much for the link!

On recheck, it works! Thank you again. :slight_smile:

Dear lord, I just re-read the ad, and it’s hard to believe that english is my first language. My only excuse is that I wrote it in a hurry, but still, it was almost incomprehensible. :smack: