Frank Miller to appear on NPR morning news show

For several months now, All Things Considered has been running a series called “This I Believe” in which it invites its listensers–some famous, some not–to contribute essays on subjects they hold passionate opinions about. This coming Monday, 11 September, Frank Miller (writer of Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, and the current Batman crapfest I refuse to name, will be the featured essayist, discussing his feelings about the American flag.

I think it might be interesting.

The second I heard about this I wrote a post-it and hung it on my computer monitor to remind me to tune in. I can’t wait. Here’s a little something to whet our appetites.

Remember when people took Frank Miller seriously? I haven’t seen a star fall so far so fast since Halle Berry strapped on the leather for Catwoman.

I thought Will Kane done killed him.


Who am I? I’m the goddamn patriot.

I knew someone would make that joke. I did not think it would be you.