Frasier's CoStar Dead at age Sixteen

Yes it’s true.
The beloved Eddie is dead. :frowning:

RIP boy. He’s up there staring at Jesus now.

I remember when they replaced him in the series (with his real life son I believe). You could tell a difference both in looks and in “acting”. Having a Jack Russell mix myself I’m surprised they were ever able to get one to be still long enough to be caught on camera.

He killed a neighbor’s cat. I wonder if he had any prison tattoos?

Now they’ll never be able to do a reunion show.

Still, 16 years is a *long *time for a dog. And it seems he had a fabulous time. Hats off.

I thought this was going to be about the actor who played Fraiser’s son Frederick. Another “child star sucumbs to drug use” deal.

I’m actually relieved it’s about the dog. RIP, Moose.

Unless they stuff the little guy.

“Stay, Eddie! Good boy”

Stewie: There there, stiff upper lip!