Freakouts of the Right

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Looking for a simple list of all the crap the Right has freaked out about since, oh, 2000. Crap like Big Bird, Mr Potato head losing his dick, CRT, Terry Schiavo, kneeling, etc.

There has been so many of them that a compendium of the freakouts really is needed. Masks, vaccines, Hillary’s emails, my God, the list goes on.

Help me, Dopers!

Benghazi, CA Governor Newsom’s pandemic management, Nancy Pelosi assuming the gavel, BLM, George Soros, Hunter Biden and his alleged misdeeds, Kamala Harris being VP, Obama as President, ACORN, swift-boating John Kerry, gender-neutral restrooms, The Clintons (literally, anything relating to the Clintons), Antifa, January 6, 2021, People’s Convoy, pandemic restrictions…

Elián González just qualifies.

Don’t forget the tan suit.

Also, wasn’t their kerfuffle one time when Obama asked for fancy brown mustard on his burger?

Dan Rather’s misadventure with the Texas ANG papers; Al Franken; the Howard Dean scream; the legendary tan suit; Keith Olbermann making political donations; Obama putting his feet on the desk; Twitter banning Trump.

A wonderful case of a flip-flop: Now the Left is all for private companies being able to determine their own rules, whereas the Right is freaking out about how someone is using their own private property.

And some people absolutely refuse to understand what I just said…


And his arugula incident.

Light bulbs, Janet Jackson at the Superbowl; Dr. Suess; Gay Pride parades; “anti-police” rap music

Starting to dredge the depths of my memory now.

… light bulbs?

“They’re taking your Incandescent light bulbs away.”

On that same subject, Low Flush Toilets.

Why do we have to use LED or CFL lights and not the old fashion kind that were good enough for Jesus?

Trump, Sept. 16 : They took away our lightbulb. I want an incandescent light. I want to look better, okay? I want to pay less money to look better. Does that make sense? You pay much less money and you look much better. And on top of that, with the new bulbs, if they break it’s considered a hazardous waste site. It’s all gases inside and you’re supposed to bring it back to where you bought it in a sealed container. Give me a break.

I asked the people, the professionals. Well, what do people do when it breaks, because they break all the time? What do they do? Nothing, they throw it away. So I owe — a lot of people didn’t know, they didn’t understand. You get a much better light at a much reduced cost, and it’s much safer. Because when those other bulbs break they really are dangerous. The gases come out, they’re dangerous.

Mr. Potato head had a dick?

… it’s complicated.

His dick would’ve been a french fry.:potato::fries:

… Freedom Fry, you mean.

(Adds another to the list)

The Dixie Chicks; Hillary Clinton and the Deplorables; Al Gore’s climate activism; yoga being taught to children; gay marriage

You’re right; one could go on all night.

Huh? I missed this one I guess.

A lot of local upset over schools teaching yoga in PE at school. It’s a non-Christian Eastern Religion thing, so probably Satanic.

Mostly a lot of back-page stuff and a few Fox freakouts.

Here’s where we stand:

Terry Schiavo Cancel Culture Communism Vaccines Anti McCainism
Benghazi Dixie Chicks The Hunt (2019 film Trump rage-tweeted about. The controversy caused the film to be released streaming only) Safe Spaces College Speakers
Emails Nike (Colin K ad) Nascar (banned confederate flag) Pronouns Obamacare
Obama’s Birth Certificate Ellen Degeneres Confederate Statues Genders Jim Acosta (How dare he ask the President questions?)
Kneeling Samantha Bee (Feckless Cunt) Kuerig (destroying machines after advertising pulled from Hannity) Sexuality Suicide Prevention Hotlines (grooming pedophiles)
Big Bird Kathy Griffin (Decapitated Trump Head) Gillette (said toxic masculinity is bad in a 2019 ad, toxic whining ensued) PizzaGate BLM
Disney Target (announced non-discrimination against transgenders back in 2016) French Fries (Freedom Fries) Islam Antifa
CRT Jane Fonda Michelle Wolf joking about Sarah H Sanders Islamic Travelers George Soros
Nancy Pelosi Gavel Hillary Clinton (really, a list of her own) Sarah H Sanders being heckled at a restaurant Caravans Hunter Biden
Nancy Pelosi at Hairdresser Socialism Masks Border Security ACORN
Gender-Neutral Restrooms People’s Convoy Tan Suit Obama’s Mustard Obama’s feet on desk
Light Bulbs (incandescent bulbs being phased out) Back the Blue Janet’s Boob Minimum flush toilets Ebonics
Hey ho, hey ho, Western Civ has got to go! Central Park Five Deplorables Liberals are why we X! Anti-Fauci
Old People Should Die for the Economy Sovereign Citizens Qanon George Zimmerman George Floyd