Fred Reed: Anyone ever heard of him?

So some spam just got dropped into my mailbox by a cow-orker. It was yet another commentary about WTC, this one by the aforementioned Fred Reed.

This guy writes a lengthy column about the WTC which can be summed up as follows: America was attacked because it’s run by women and emasculated men. America is now at war with Islam, and it should invade Libya because it can’t invade Afghanistan. The full thing is here somewhere.

I checked out some other columns on his site, and I can’t determine if he’s real or some parody that I’m just not getting.

Any thoughts?

Is this the bit?

I’m unimpressed.

Yes it is.

I’m just wondering if this shining example of the dangers of inbreeding actually has an audience. But judging from the reaction to this thread, I’m guessing no.