Fred Schneider, Yes or No?

Some people like him, some think he’s too geeky to be a rock and roller.

I vote yes.

I can’t bear to listen to the B-52s because of him. They’ll be playing a cool, catchy tune like they do, with Kate’s beautiful voice, and then all of sudden, bam, there he is doing his annoying Fred Schneider schtick, and I gotta turn the radio off. So I gotta vote no. Is this like rock and roll Survivor? Can we vote him out of the band?

Hell, yes. What would “Love Shack” or “Rock Lobster” be without him? These are Rock and Roll classics. Absolutely yes.

Another vote yes. I love geeky rock stars.

It couldn’t very well be the B-52s without him, could it? He has always reminded me of John Waters.

“…and they’re about to sssset ssssaaaaiiiilllll!”

I do a great Fred Schneider immitation.

Like him? Hell, I even bought his solo “Fred Schneider and the Shake Society” album (yes, that’s right album).

There’s a monster in my pants
And he does a naughty dance
When he walks into a room
People hit it with a broom…

I got me a Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale!
We used to do impressions of him in college. plnnr has the right idea, it would NOT be the B-52’s without him.

So since I can say I generally like the B-52s (when I’m in the mood for peppy music), I’d give him a “yes”.

And who says a geek can’t be a rock star?

Christ, have you looked at Buddy Holly? I’m not sure if he was a geek, but he sure as shootin’ looked like one!

Waitin’ for bus numberrr… 99!
Goin’ to the store for - HOTDOGS and WIIINE!!

Fred’s great. No Fred = no B-52s.


Shake? BAKE!

Quiche La Poodle!

They laid down the law!

Back then oh yes. Now?

plnnr: I thought I was the only one who did a Fred Schneider imitation, nice to know I’m not alone. (It’s fun isn’t it?)

Looks like I’m the only one, so I’ll just go stand in the other room. If anyone else comes along and ends up agreeing with me, just send 'em on in.

Yes. Do a pretty mean impression myself, although to be fair, it’s not very difficult.

Anyone remember that old MTV show where people wrote in their real experiences and MTV would dramatize them? Usually pretty dumb, but they had an episode where they acted out people’s dreams. One guy wrote in with a dream he had where Fred Schneider was following him around everywhere. He’s be walking through the produce section, and Fred would be there, quietly trailing him. Then the moment he picked up a bunch of spinach, Fred starts dancing and saying “everybody’s buying some spih-niiiich!”

Watching it was almost as funny as having it described to you on a message board, I’m sure.

everybody had…matching towels!

I can top that. Own the album, know the songs, remember the video … with the fake plastic asses.
shrugsI have odd tastes.

I’m gonna kiss your eyes
Then I’m gonna kiss your neck
Then I’m gonna kiss your tummy
Then I’m gonna kiss your pineapple

Planet Claire and Mesopotamia are 2 of my favorites which just wouldn’t be songs without Fred. Even Channel Z (“where’s my umbrella?” is a Fred necessary song.

I proudly cast Rock Lobster for the Prom Theme back in 1980. It was a single vote… The Long and Windy Road won.

What have these guys been up to? Last I heard they played Disney World on New Year’s Eve 1999->2000. I’ve seen them 3 times throughout their career. All great shows. Time to do a google I guess.

My buddy has autographs of all the original B-52s. I’m so jealous.

Dude, I’m such a fan I can’t see a phrase with “Rock” in it without bursting into a little impromptu song to the tune of Rock Lobster.

For instance, passing through a Geology display at uni I’m singing:

Rock geomorphology!”

I see a Rocky Horror Show ad:

Rock-ee Horror!”

A refreshing bowl of fruit salad:

Rock melon”

They are an incredibly fun band to see live. Go if you get the chance.

“Dance this mess around!”


Besides, if “geeky” was a dealbreaker for being a rock star, we wouldn’t have:
[ul][li]Buddy Holly[/li][li]Rik Ocasek[/li][li]Hi Opal[/li][li]Elvis Costello[/li][li]ANY of the Foo Fighters[/ul][/li]
So be careful what you wish for.

*Originally posted by Chef Troy *
Besides, if “geeky” was a dealbreaker for being a rock star, we wouldn’t have:
[ul][li]ANY of the Foo Fighters[/ul]

I’ll agree with all of your list except this one. I don’t think of Pat Smear (founding foo fighter) as a geek. I mean this guy was in The Germs, one of THE original hardcore punk outfits. Did you ever see the movie The Decling of Western Civilization? Classic punk movie.