Freddy vs Jason: The trailer, WOOHOO!

I don’t think I need to say anything more.

Pray for substance?

Whoop! I’m so there!

Anybody knoe if Kane Hodder is doing Jason in this one??

Some dude name Ken Kerzinger’s playing Jason, according to IMDB.

Where the hell did that come from? Just like 2 months ago they were still working on a script. How the hell is that coming out Aug 15th?

You can tell just by looking at that dude that it is not Kane Hodder. This guy has a much skinnier neck and smaller head.

Well, the script took them all of 24 minutes to finish…

Hodder was good, but he put on too much weight recently to be Jason. It looks like mostly undefined muscle weight, but still, too big to be Jason anymore.

Well I took the quiz and only got 6 correct.

I can’t download the trailer. Are the two of them fighting each other or competing against each other?

Judging from the director’s previous works, it looks like this is going to be another stylized kung-fu flick.

There’s definitely some fighting. Shots of them facing off…shot of Jason punching Freddy and sending him flying…shot of Freddy catching Jason’s machety in his glove. Hmmmm…the visual effects look good, but I still don’t quite see how they’re going to have the two come together. And they show Freddy doing a lot of cool demonic things (like turning into a big but, a big snakey thingy, and kindof projecting himself), whereas Jason still just kind of walks around. It’ll definitely be a fun movie to watch, but I’m thinking they’re going to try to take it seriously, which really makes me sad because Jason X was such a wonderful way of finishing off that series.

I’m glad they got Robert England back for Freddy, but they could have done something better for Jason. Man, Jason’s head is super tiny! Didn’t his mask used to be embedded in his face?Now he looks like a fourteen year old with one of those store bought masks which are always too large.

I didn’t do much but check out the trailer, do they describe Jason at all? Which version of him are they using (the unstopable, undead deamon version from Friday the 13th part 4 and up, or the “crazy guy who heals really quick” from Jason X?