Freddy Vs. Jason

Saw this today. Must say I was disappointed, it just seemed to chug along in a formulaeic manner, there was the odd funny bit but it didnt seem as good as the old Nightmares.

Yeah, and Jason was pretty lame as well…no originality, with the exception of the bed.

But still, you didn’t go to see the build up, you went to see the fights! And MAN were the fights good. I’ve never been a terribly huge fan of either movie series, but I gotta say, I sure got my money’s worth (of course, I saw it for free, but with the right people, I’d have paid full price and felt justified).

Didn’t see it, have no plans on seeing it. I would only go see such a film if I was beyond bored, drunk, or it was being MST3K’d.
Those kinds of films usually don’t appeal to me anyway. Give me Event Horizons or Seven any day over that.

Misses MST3K

Oh I like a good crappy horror now and then. this one didnt quite do it though.

Must say i think Hallowe’en is my favourite series of horrors. the first Hallowe’en is a classic

I liked it. Good, gore-soaked cheese. My favorite part was when they’re looking on the internet for info on the drug their parents have been feeding them, and they find a website that says in giant type:


And the camera cuts back to the guy at the keyboard, who peers closely at the the screen and says haltingly, “It… seems to be some sort of… experimental dream suppressent.”

Well both series have pretty much established that they’re indestructible. I find it ironic that in the last NoES movie (New Nightmare) Wes said that Freddy was kept alive only by telling more stories (making movies). And whaddaya know, he was right.

Freddy seems to know all about Jason Vorhees so it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise that he wouldn’t die. Jason, on the other hand, doesn’t keep up on current movie trends so we’ll forgive him that. Though I must admit Freddy seemed pretty spry in the “hand-to-hand” scenes.

I’d rather watch New Nightmare and Jason X back to back than watch this schlock again. Michael Myers would kick all their asses anyway. Except for maybe Pinhead.

you all kidding?? I thought it was pretty damn good, truth be told. I’ve yet to meet someone (except online, it seems) who disliked it.

Okay, I’ll tick off the parts that were not bad (possible SPOILERS below):[ul]
[li]A girl almost has to resuscitate Jason with mouth-to-mouth.[/li][li]The stoner’s line “Dude, that goalie was pissed about something.”[/li] When Jason grabs Freddy by the back of his sweater, shoves him through a window and then drags him sideways through the rest of the wall.[/ul]And that’s about it. The movie was way too campy for it to be fun for fans of both series (I mean really, pinball sounds in the first fight in Freddy’s world?). Considering this was New Line Cinema’s first merging of the two, they could have kept it a bit more in the realm of horror rather than comedy. Look what was done with Alien vs. Predator. That’s turned out okay.

Both movie franchises had long since slipped into the realm of self-parody. I thought the film showed remarkable restraint in keeping as serious as it did.

Seriously, watch Nightmare 5 and 6 and then tell me that the movie was too cheesy (I don’t know Jason as well, but the same goes for Jason Goes to Hell). Neither villain has been scary for a long time (well, New Nightmare did an admirable job, but this was teh Freddy of the other sequels). They are more like really bloody action heroes now. I thought the film was a true masterpiece of the dead teenager genre.

Hey, I liked it…I mean, it’s no Casablanca, but it’s not like that’s what it was trying to be. You don’t go to a “Freddy Kruger vs. Jason Voorhees” movie for subtle plot nuances and character development, or even classy cinematic “terror”…you go to watch crazy zombies pummeling each other for an hour and a half.

It’s like going to a Gladiator game…who cares about the inter-personal relationships of the combatants, as long as there’s a lot of blood. Or people getting strangled with their own intestines, in the case of a “slasher” movie.

I don’t see why people would go to see this. It has to end in a tie, or in a way that there isn’t a clear winner. That way, they can make more bad sequels.

I’ve talked to people on and off line that thought the movie was bad. In fact, most people that I’ve talked to about it seem to think the movie is bad.

See, I found this worked rather well. Pin ball sounds in the dream world are fine (especially when one is being beaten around telekinetically while the other mimics playing pinball), it’s when those sound effects enter into the real world that it becomes a problem with the movie. And as has been pointed out, both movies have become a self mockery of themselves. I mean, Freddy’s Dead had Jason playing Super Mario Brothers with one victim while using “the Power Glove” and made him bounce around punching holes in walls and making “boing” noises…I don’t see how pinball is any different. And look at Jason X for a separation from the norm.

It was great fun, and I’m suprised that it was as serious as it was (I was expecting a lot more of a Jason X type feel), but I thought they pulled it off rather well.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. It hit all the cliches it needed to, and it was totally gory, corny fun.