Freddy vs. Jason

After looking at the website for Freddy vs. Jason this morning, and watching the trailer, I’ve decided that it will either be bad but fun, or just really bad.

I’m thinking I’ll go see it in August. :smiley:

Anyone else going?

I’m definitely going to see it. From everything I’ve read, it’s going to be just what you’d expect but with a few more laughs and less nudity, like Bride of Chucky, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Freddy Mercury vs. Jason Priestly? I vote for the 90210 guy.

What if it were Freddy “BOOM BOOM” Washington?
(ignoring the fact of course, that he spells it “Freddie”)

Are we forgetting who sang “We Are the Champions”? And don’t forget “Flash Gordon”! :smiley: