Free at last, free at last...

thank God almighty, my sig is free at last! Now, we can go romp through dewy meadows together, snicker at inside jokes that only we get, and continue to plot evil and nefarious ways to force Falcon to vote Republican and root against the Redskins.

want to enter another contest Mully? your choice of event, same terms as before.

c’mon, you know you want to!

c’mon! I know you’ve viewed the thread.

How about the NBA? who are your team up against next?


So Mully. Wanna make another bet? :wink:

Awww… leave Mul alone! Isn’t once enough for you vultures?

laughs happily

Though this could get really, really entertaining if he does it again though…

You should all know by now I am stupid enough to do this again. This time though, my opposition would have to pay a price as well. I have no favorite NBA team, Twisty. Now, bring up something with the University of Kansas and then we’ll talk.

Not sure if I’ll face Falcon again. I feel like I have already done enough by throwing our previous contest to help build her fragile ego.


Oh that’s IT, Mully. You’re going down. I beat you like a red-headed stepchild fair and square.

See how confident I have helped you to feel in your abilities? You are welcome.