Free beer? (now that I have your attention: I have to compare two things)

I have to do an evaluation speech. I am strapped for ideas so I am coming to the elite minds of ths SDMB for advice.

I can compare two items, etc… pretty self-explanatory. Any ideas??? Any help is appreciated. the more unique the better. I want to make this as interesting as possible with an edge.


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Why not compare the mood of a person who thinks he just scored free beer with his mood after he was told it was all a joke, there’s no beer here?

apples and oranges
no, it’s been done

nope, it’s been done, too

how about frech fries and potato chips?

How about comparing Batman to a jar of pickles? :cool:

Compare “Free as in ‘free beer’” vs. “Free as in ‘free speech’”.

Now your topic is on-topic.

Compare “Free Beer” with “Bare Naked Ladies” as advertising for a club or as band names.

By who?

In the Best of the Annals of Improbable Research a guy from NASA (IIRC) actually did a comparison of apples and oranges using a spectrometor or something real sciencey that I don’t know too much about. Anywho, it turns out that apples and oranges are nearly identical and the real offense apples-and-oranges-wise is using a cliché metaphore to describe a real comparison—now that’s comparing apples and oranges.

Well, apart from being really amusing, it would be a funny way to top off a presentation to that very subject. The OP could show how they’re different, then go into all the various ways that they can be compared, e.g. calories, price, nutrients, weight, how much it hurts when one is put in a tube sock and you get hit really hard with it, and then top it off with an actual scientific study showing that they’re pretty close through the whatchamajigger. Never mind that the guy did it for fun, it’s still valid, right?

That’s what I’d recommend. Teachers like fun stuff as long as it is well done.