Miller Lite has the stupidest ad campaign ever right now.

All of these commercials are driving me apeshit. “Do you want more taste or less taste?” WTF is that even supposed to mean? Who says “Less taste please!”? Apparently women and Nancy boys do if you believe these commercials.

What is too much taste and has there ever been a light beer accused of too much taste?


I haven’t seen these commercials, but is the lack of taste really the selling point?

Keith Stone would beg to differ with that statement.

No, it’s half of the Miller Lite “tastes great, less filling” slogan. Guy orders a light beer, and gets asked if he wants one with more taste (Miller Lite) or less taste (Anything Else). If he says he doesn’t care, the barmaid delivers what sounds like a clever put-down, which then turns out to be frighteningly accurate.

Sadly, those are better than the vortex bottle commercials with the douche wearing sunglasses.

Miller Lite: the beer for men who are insecure about their heterosexuality.

The very notion that a light beer is taunting you about your masculinity is hilarious. Light beer rivals appletinis and wine coolers as the least masculine beverage. How many times have you seen people (especially women) admit they drink light beer is because they don’t really like alcohol and light beers don’t taste like alcohol?
Unfortunately all beer advertising seems to be aimed solely at the worst frat boy stereotypes. My favorite beers are Pabst and Olympia, and I bet a lot of that is sublimally because they barely advertise.

This description sounds so much better than the commercials really are, though.

I haven’t had a PBR since high school. As that is 30 years ago, that should tell you my opinion of PBR.

I wouldn’t drink Miller Lite if I were paid to, but I think the commercials are funny.

The further I get from the 18-22 year old demographic, the more insanely stupid beer advertising gets. When I was young, beer commercials were always really funny and always made sense. There was this one, where this dog named Spuds Mckenzie would come out with sunglasses, and he would do funny stuff like ride a skateboard or be a lifeguard, it was so hilarious, because he, was you know a dog, not a person, but yet he did people things and he always had hot women in bikinis all over him, geez that was funny!

I would say it depends on what the taste is.

Hey yeah, I remember Spuds McKenzie! He was so cool, and always having a blast—I wanted to be just like him! And I could, by drinking… um, Bud Light, I think it was.

A waiter just saved me from some “sex in a canoe” beer. I asked if they had any local brews and he suggested one. I said fine, bring it on, and then he said, “It’s really good, it’s like a milder Corona.” A milder Corona. Thank god he warned me in time. I got the Guinness instead.

Never. I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone make that claim.

I thought the first few were good, but they quickly ran out of steam and the last few (the dragon?) seem to be grasping at straws.

A milder Corona- is that lemonade?

Most radio commercials drive me up the wall. Geico and McDonalds are the worst.

I sort of like the Miller Lite commercials because of their wordplay, talking about “Old Mexico” and things like that.

I’m sorry, but this ad campaign doesn’t hold a candle to Burger King’s faux flute player idiocy

Three beer salesmen are at a convention and they decide to go to a bar afterwards.

The Budweiser salesman orders first, “I’ll have America’s favorite beverage. Give me a Budweiser.”

The Coors salesman orders next, “I’ll have American’s best beverage. Give me a Coors.”

The Guinness saleman orders last, “I’ll have a glass of water.”

The other two look at him in surprise, “Aren’t you going to order a beer?”

The Guinness salesman, “Well, I didn’t think I should if you guys weren’t.”