Latest stupid commercial thread

Ok, WTF is it with Miller LITE thinking it is cool to open a can with the standard flip tab, but THEN, you have to poke a hole in the top to make it flow better?

Anyone feeling cheated when they open up their can of beer because they can’t use an old can opener?

If this is indeed the case, why not just make beer in a flattop can, and let the drinker open BOTH sides, like they did in the old days.

Morons have great jobs in marketing departments.

Or does this appeal to anyone out here?

Name your favorite ad to loathe.

Sounds like you have more of a problem with the product than the ad.

There are the series of Bud Light ads (or maybe Miller Lite) where the waitresses keep ragging on the guys who lack the manliness and refined palette to enjoy their crappy beer. I guess it’s supposed to shame men into drinking their product, but it just makes those waitresses look like a bunch of bitches.

I’m surprised no one has noticed the latest beer ads with the song “my body tells me no, but I won’t quit, cuz I want more.”

Stink Fish Pot, this one’s for you. David Cross - “I Can’t Get Beer in Me”.

I spent 10 hours a day the last four days watching the British Open on ESPN, and they ran each of these ads dozens of times:

  1. Freddie Couples (famous pro golfer) says “This is why I drive,” and then has a golf ball rolling around in his car. He watches it with rapt attention while he’s driving down the road, and when it finally falls into his cup holder, he grins like an idiot, and then says, “This is why I drive Bridgestone.” Well, I don’t want to do that, so I guess I won’t buy Bridgestone tires.

  2. Actually there are a couple versions of this commercial, and they are so bad that I can’t even tell you what is being advertised; I guess it’s some kind of car. But a couple is contemplating a vacation, and the guy says:

Version 1) “How about an ocean cruise?” And his wife says, “Hmm,” and then they both imagine they’re on the deck of a cruise ship, and a pale fat guy walks past them in his bathing suit. The possibility that they might encounter someone who doesn’t look like Matthew McConaughey immediately sickens them, and they both say, “Definitely not a cruise!”

Version 2) “How about the south seas?” And his wife says, “Hmm,” and then they both imagine they’re on a beautiful sandy island surrounded by pristine blue water, but then a coconut falls out of a tree, and they recoil in horror, and say, “Definitely not the south seas!!”

You have to wonder how long the kids of these perfectionists are going to be in therapy.

I’m not sure I understand your comment or your logic of how you got to this conclusion.
First, I like beer. Second, I dislike Miller Lite as much as Bud light, as neither compare to my favorite national beer brand’s lite beer (Coors Light). :D. In case didn’t catch this, it was a joke.

I have no problem with Miller Lite. Have you seen the commercial?

Here it is: Miller lite pop can top ad.
As a heads up, YouTube requires you to be signed in, as they think you have to be an appropriate age to see the commercial? WTF. The world is going down the toilet.

Pine Fresh Scent, thank you for the clip! Classic!

I like that commercial. I like the song, looks like the people are having fun (I’d like to be somewhere sunny having fun then drinking with friends), pretty non-annoying way to get their message across.

Why don’t you like it?

I really have nothing to say about this ad except that after they dismiss the idea of taking a cruise they see a travel poster of an arch bridge in front of a waterfall and decide to go there. This is followed by footage of the couple driving their car on this scenic stretch of highway. As anybody from the Pacific Northwest would know, that road is the old Columbia River Highway through the Gorge. Regardless of the ad, I like to see a spectacular natural landmark in my region get some attention.

Anyway, the message from that commercial and the second one (where the couple end up driving up the Pacific Coast on Highway 1 near Big Sur) is that taking a vacation on a cruise or an island in the South Pacific would not give them the opportunity to take a scenic drive in the automobile that’s being advertised.

I don’t dislike it per se. I’m just amazed they had the gall to do it, and no one seems to have gotten in an uproar about it yet.

You forgot a very important point to the commercials. They’re sitting on the cruise ship deck, and on the south seas beach IN THEIR CAR.

The Silverado commercial that takes place at a block party, and when some one asks Our Hero what he does, he freezes, thinking of all the things he does (mostly revolving around using his truck). Look, numbnuts, he’s not asking for a blow by blow description of your week - he’s asking you what your job is is!

Miller 64 ads, with all the yuppie scum singing, in a pseudo-celtic style, about how wonderful Miller is for making a lo-cal beer.

We have a local Roto Rooter franchise that runs an ad (with the classic Roto Rooter jingle that makes me think of Cheech and Chong every time I hear it – but I digress) that shows a rooter dude with a pipe snake and a TV monitor. The shot then switches to the inside of the pipe being snaked, and the type on the screen says, “Actual X-ray of inside of pipe.” WTF?!? It’s a view through a little TV camera, not an X-ray!

There’s a commercial for an osteoporosis preventive treatment that features Blythe Danner. I can’t remember what network it’s on but on certain shows, it seems to run for every single commercial break.

*“Break a leg.”

“Thanks, Ed.”*

I can’t even remember the name of the product. I just know that the commercial is annoying, bordering on obnoxious, especially when repeated ad infinitum.

The other that is over-the-top idiotic is the couple that is positively orgasmic over some new Pepsi product, to the point of taking pictures of it, while their baby is break-dancing in the background, totally ignored. I’m guessing I’m not the target demographic, because I think it’s a moronic ad.

They seem to have edited it now, but the Liquid Plumber double penetration date was … well, I wasn’t expecting that, that’s for sure. Not really a dislike, more of a “huh!” moment for me. The edited, shortened version doesn’t seem so overt. ymmv, of course

Another Silverado commercial - with a bunch of guys driving around, occasionally holding up their cellphone, checking their coverage. Then, when they finally have no coverage, they stop to set up camp. Two things that drive me nuts:

  1. Instead of basing your campsite on having no phone coverage, how about choosing one that DOES have coverage (for, you know, an emergency?) and just turning off your phone!!

  2. One of the places that they check their coverage appears to be on top of a dike, in the middle of a lake. Are they really going to camp on top of a dike?

It was nothing. I just meant it sounds like you hate the can, which I agree is a pretty stupid concept. Who wants to jam a key into their beer? I suspect it’s their response to the Bud vortex bottle, or whatever they call it, with the grooves in the neck that cause the beer to swirl into your beerhole. Because, you know, it only makes sense that would make the beer taste better.

“Camp on a dike”, heh heh.

Ah, yes, the Liquid Plumbr Double Penetration Foaming Pipe Snake. There’s a product marketing executive out there somewhere who probably pitched that name as a joke. “I can’t believe they went with it!”

Well, if this is just a general commercial-hatred thread, I would like to restate my and invite others to revive their hatred of the nasty-icky-annoying C-R-U-N-C-H-Y Kit Kat commercial. UGH! Who likes mouth noises? Usually I hear two crunches before I mute that unholy-spawn-of-the-devil-piece-of-crap. WHAT is even a teeny bit appetizing about hearing that nasty crunching sound from strangers’ mouths?

Would also like to nominate the Nationwide (“is on your side”) insurance nerd for permanent service on-- no, OUTSIDE-- the international space station. He is creepy.

I am so glad that someone brought this up again. And I enjoy good commercials.

But this one pisses me off b/c the logic is shit. (to me). Some chick at a roof concert, she’s filming it on her phone. Then she sends it to like five other people–AT THE SAME CONCERT.

Oh what? Did they need to see it from the left side?

It’s a phone commercial.