Free ebooks available for download this weekend (politics, philosophy, etc.)

Note: It seems to me that this thread doesn’t run afoul of board rules. I have no connection with the website, and the downloads are free and legal. I’ve sent a PM to the Cafe Society mods about it, but it’s sometimes hard to raise mods on weekends, and I wanted to get it up quickly because it’s time-sensitive. If they decide to shut it down later, so be it
A friend on Facebook just directed me to this giveaway by Verso Books.

It’s mainly politics, philosophy, and cultural criticism. Titles include:

Invisibility Blues: From Pop to Theory by Michele Wallace
Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston’s South End, by Sylvie Tissot
Cultural Capital: The Rise and Fall of Creative Britain, by Robert Hewison
Darkwater, by W.E.B. DuBois
Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology, by Andre Gorz

Click on the ebook tab and add to cart. You’ll have to create an account to download the books. The offer ends at midnight (eastern US time) on Sunday, September 30.

You can download as many of the 15 as you want; I grabbed a half-dozen for myself.

Looks interesting. Thank you! :slight_smile:

And, mods, it is legitimate, as Verso does often have half-price sales, plus the occasional giveaway. The books are not pirated.