Free email?

What’s the simplest, least intrusive, free email site. I don’t need any bells and whistles, no big storage capacity, just the basics.

Gmail is pretty nice. If you’d like an invite, email is in my profile.

Gmail fan.

I use It is simple, enough storage space for my needs, and best of all, is not an outlook clone.

The link is

SSG Schwartz

And another vote for Gmail. :slight_smile:

Gmail is the tits–if you have a cell phone Gmail will text a code to you, no need for an invite.

I use both Gmail and Yahoo, like 'em both. Gmail is the simpler of the two.

I vote for Gmail as well

Gmail here as well… and I was even able to sign up without an invite.

+1 for Gmail. Invites are no longer needed.

Plenty of storage, no spam, built-in IM, calendar and docs. It’s all great. And the search function, not surprisingly, is nearly perfect.

Add one more for Gmail. It’s amazing…

Brendon Small

Yup, another one for Gmail. I’ve been using it since spring 2004; it thoroughly kicks the collective ass of every other email service I have ever used. The way it organizes conversations is terrific - everything about it is just so simple, clean and convenient.

gmail is grand, i’ve had a yahoo account for 8 or 9 years no major complaints yet.

At the risk of being redundant and repetetive, I recommend GMail as well.

Gee…did anyone say Gmail?..


Thanks for all the replies. Consensus wins, I opened a Google account and I’m goin’ w/ the Gmail.

Rio, by Duran Duran.

I know you already opened the account, but Gmail rocks!

I know you’re set already, but Gmail here, too.

They did away with invites, recently. Anyone can sign up.

A small learning curve with Gmail: you don’t use “folders” you use “labels” - but it’s largely the same thing. You label an email then you archive it. Retrieve all mail labelled in a certain way using the menu on the left - conceptually the same as opening a folder.

Also, if you have an old email address you wish to preserve, you can set your old address to forward into your Gmail account, then get Gmail to send mail from the old email address. A very handy feature.

It’s full-featured too, but you can ignore all the zappy features if you want.