Time for another Gmail invite thread!

I mentioned in another thread that I have some invites, and a few people took me up on them. So it appears there may be some demand again for these.

email me at revtim at gmail dot com with an appropriate subject line, if anybody wants a gmail account.

Why would you want one? From gmail.com:

The storage number is continuously trickling upwards.

if revtim runs out, you can also email me at pixisis at gmail dot com :slight_smile:

Or me, Celynalba at gmail.com


or me!!! Oh please, PLEASE TAKE THEM!!!

diosabellissima at gmail.com

Or me… Please, won’t you help?

tjdwalin at… oh, you figure it out.

I have fifty.

I originally only had five, but I gave out three of them, so now, I have fifty.



Are they that hard to get rid of? That really doesn’t sound like something I’d want. Thanks but no thanks

I don’t think they’re something to “get rid of,” but they do accumulate very quickly. A very small price to pay for the benefits.

I also have some to give out, coincidentally.

Well, it’s really not a “price” at all. I gain nothing inviting people, nor suffer any punishment by keeping the invites. I’m only offering because I was I was glad to get one, and it’s only fair.

Exactly my point, Revtim. Though you did say it better than I did.

I’ve also got some available. Email me if you’d like one.

Should these folks run out, I also have a bunch of invites available.

queendareva at gmail dot com

I still have 46 invites, so there’s little chance of me running out…

Funny, I got more requests from the other thread, which was about something else entirely.

You’re more than welcome to mine, as well.


I have 2 gmail accounts, and one I got for my brother who has yet to get online and access it (so I’m “looking after it” for him) so I have loads of invites to give away!

They fill up again as soon as you give them away so anyone who would like, just email me through the Dope and I’ll get one to you.

Oh, me too! Can I give some away, too?
E-mail is in my profile.

Or me. I’ve got 150 invites between three accounts. lcarscad at gmail dot com

As a matter of fact, I have an invite specifically for Lynn Bodoni. Lynn, would you freaking switch to gmail already? We all know hotmail sucks.

[sub]Oh, and as to the OP, I have 49 gmail invites to give away. My address is in my profile. [/sub]

[sigh] Another one with 50 (OK, maybe it’s only 49) invites to give away…

Seems there are far more givers than takers!

e-mail is in profile.

Fifty to give out, here, too. Draelin@ blah blah blah.