Free Flip4Mac Download not working

I’m trying to download some free software for my brand new baby (iMac 20-inch Intel Core Duo running Mac OS X 10.4.4) called Flip4Mac, as recommended by my husband for playing clips and such, and it won’t download to my iMac because it thinks I don’t have a new enough version of QuickTime (I just downloaded version 7.1.1, and it is requesting version 6.5 or newer). Anybody have an idea how to get Flip4Mac to see that it does indeed have what it needs to work with?

Have you set the preferences for the plug-in in the ‘System Preferences’ panel?
It’s been a while, but I seem to recall having to mess with them before the thing would work.

It doesn’t get far enough in the download to get into preferences for the plug-in - it doesn’t make it onto my computer. It stops mid-download and tells me my QuickTime is the wrong version.

I downloaded it OK (I have the same iMac) and it never worked anyway…even though I got it installed and everything.

I followed instructions here (go down to the first post by David.Austin.Allen): Apple Discussions to do the download - that woked fine. Just everytime I try to play a .wmv file it says it can’t do it.

I haven’t tried any other players, like WMP 9 or anything, but I’ve heard that will work.

In the FAQs on the Flip4Mac website

That was posted in the support forum on Jan 20, and is repeated in a press release from April 21.


Want to chime in to say that I have an Intel core Mac Mini and it indeed gave me the “Sorry, no Flip4Mac for Intel” notice as well.

You should be able to get WMP 9, though. I don’t have the Mac on right now so I can’t check it, but I am 99% sure I was able to get that to install just fine. You will just have to use 2 apps (Quicktime and WMP) for your video files depending on what they are.

Okay, so just scrap the Flip4Mac for now. I can do that. Off to get WMP 9! Thanks, guys.