Free-form rant about Metro Area Transit

Things I have seen/things I have experienced taking the bus to work:

[li]This morning’s driver heading down Omaha’s major east/west street (which is three lanes on both sides) chugging cough syrup[/li][li]Driver’s talking on cell phones while driving[/li][li]This morning’s driver heading the wrong direction and going to the mall when he was supposed to be heading three miles east of the mall[/li][li]Drivers not adhering to the schedule - being off anywhere from 10-30 minutes late or early[/li][li]Schedules and maps that would take a PhD to understand[/li][li]No notice to riders by the drivers when the schedules changed moving the schedule back by ten minutes[/li][li]A website that is impossible to read - a route map that is a .pdf, and when enlarged becomes too blurry to read[/li][li]Drivers who in general do not give a shit and are rude and unwilling to help riders. (This morning the gal ahead of me asked the driver if he had the time. He said he didn’t. Liar! You have that digital display by your thigh with the time that you’re obstensibly supposed to be using to stay on schedule.)[/li][li]A website that says your order for the monthly pass went through, and then never does[/li][li]A website that says the monthly pass can be purchased at a named list of grocery stores in town when it can’t[/li][/ul]
When I can become coherent, this rant is going to be re-written as a letter to the editor with a cc: to the head of MAT, a member of management at MAT in charge of the drivers, and the Mayor’s office. I expect no action at all to be taken. That’ll be my last bullet point.